Top Potential Altcoins Priced Below $0.10 to List on Binance by May 2024

Top Potential Altcoins Priced Below $0.10 to List on Binance by May 2024

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The surging crypto market is pumping token prices from across the industry, with soaring valuations that are not limited to only the top assets. While industry favorites like BTC, ETH, and SOL may be highly attractive thanks to their token prices, investors must consider tokens with humble price points. These tokens can break out anytime, taking a few hundred in investments to several thousand.

Tokens priced below $0.10 are a great place to start for those wanting to wander the obscure areas of the crypto market to find diamonds in the dirt. To make it as easy as possible, let's look at those with the potential to be listed on Binance in the coming weeks, specifically by the start of May.

Choosing this filter to find interesting tokens has valid reasons, including that only those performing extraordinarily make it to the Binance exchange. Moreover, getting listed there gives tokens an additional boost to grow, thanks to the industry giant's stamp of approval. Ergo, the following tokens have the most significant potential to blow up soon.

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Bitcoin ETF

The Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) was launched before the approval of BTC ETFs by the US SEC, creating a solid community that bought the tokens and staked them in anticipation of the approval. The BTCETF community has shown it will remain robust alongside BTC's growth, making the token a good bet for those wanting to multiply their investments.

Beyond community sentiments, well-founded tokenomics and utility will keep the token relevant, which in turn helps maintain a strong user base. Its burn mechanism and staking utility are applauded industry-wide.

BTCETF currently hovers around the $0.0025 mark and hit a high of $0.0091 a little over two weeks ago. Positive market movements will get it going back up. Experts suggest BTCETF can peak at $0.033 by the end of 2024.


Another top contender to possibly receive a Binance listing, the NFTFN token is the native asset of the NFTFN platform. The token is presently in phase 1 of its presale at a mere $0.025, and it is expected to surge like no other token has. That is because the platform it is native to is bringing a first-of-its-kind utility set to transform the NFT market.

This utility will not only revive interest in a stagnant NFT ecosystem but also act as the new gateway for a massive portion of NFT enthusiasts looking to profit from top NFT collections. The $0.025 price point can easily snowball into 50X by the end of the current bull cycle, significantly transforming even the smallest investments.

The token brings utility like staking, trading fees, and liquidation insurance on its novel NFT trading platform, making it indispensable and providing the basis for robust price points. Considering the NFTFN platform's popularity, initiated by its potential for growth, NFT enthusiasts are awaiting its launch and currently interacting with its tokens in droves.

Wall Street Memes

The WSM craze does not need much introduction as the platform witnesses massive hype, which has been ongoing for several months now. A promising meme-based ecosystem, Wall Street Memes has impressively integrated memes and utility alike to captivate users across the industry.

Its utility includes a news portal covering exciting topics from the world of memes and a casino that high rollers can turn to to gain significant returns on wagers. With the WSM token at the center of the platform, its price point will hit new levels, even surpassing its high point of $0.06 last year as it peaked not too long after its launch.


Listings on Binance are no joke, as assets that make it onto the platform have great potential to alter the crypto ecosystem and generate massive returns for users. Investing in the right tokens as they are about to witness Binance listings is the perfect strategy for those looking to grow their funds significantly. BTCETF, NFTFN, and WSM are expected to be found on the Binance exchange in the coming weeks.


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