TOP 10 Trending BRC-20 Projects for 2024

TOP 10 Trending BRC-20 Projects for 2024

Exploring the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, where innovation knows no bounds, we delve into the top 10 trending BRC20 projects making waves in the BRC20 ecosystem. From revolutionizing decentralized finance to pioneering blockchain solutions, these projects represent the forefront of innovation and present exciting opportunities for investors and enthusiasts alike. Join us as we uncover the latest trends and developments in the ever-evolving realm of BRC20 tokens.

Befi Labs

BeFi Labs is at the forefront of CeDefi innovation, leading the way in integrating Web3 users into the BRC20 ecosystem. With seamless integration with MetaMask and other wallets, the platform enables instant and fee-free trading of BRC20 tokens. Unlike traditional DEXs or centralized exchanges (CEXs), BeFi Labs prioritizes user control, security, and liquidity, offering a unique combination within a unified system. By merging the independence of DEXs with the efficiency of CEXs, BeFi Labs aims to provide users with optimal control over their assets while ensuring liquidity and efficiency.


OrangeDX pioneers 1st generation Bitcoin DeFi Hub, offering a versatile platform for trading, securing, and launching BRC20 and bridged EVM tokens. With services including borrowing and lending, OrangeDX prioritizes a comprehensive DeFi experience. Its native DEX aggregator enhances liquidity, while an Initial Liquidity Offering mechanism simplifies token launches. Committed to user-centric solutions, OrangeDX revolutionizes decentralized finance, providing unmatched opportunities for traders, investors, and token issuers.


Ordibank introduces a groundbreaking Borrowing & Lending Protocol on Bitcoin L1, combining Compound Finance's principles with off-chain processing. Utilizing Bitcoin Core v25.1 and ord v0.14 nodes, along with virtualized smart contract logic, Ordibank creates a unique money market for Atomicals and BRC20 standards. Ordibank ensures a robust foundation by converting its Whitepaper and Solidity smart contract code into an off-chain environment. Supporting assets like BTC, BRC20, and Atomical Tokens, users can borrow and repay various assets, including a stable BRC20 on Bitcoin (USD Stablecoin), enhancing the platform's money market operations.


TREX20 integrates games, an NFTFi Marketplace, and a lotto within the Bitcoin Protocol powered by its native BRC20 token. Users explore games, earn rewards, and trade NFTs, while the lotto offers growing rewards. This fusion marks a significant shift in the BRC20 ecosystem, supported by a dedicated team. Owning one of 2009 TREX20 Game Inscriptions unlocks exclusive benefits and revenue sharing, engaging the community in unprecedented ways.

The interesting part about the TREX20 platform is that the playable game itself is inscribed on the bitcoin blockchain thus ensuring more security and transparency, providing a unique inscription collection.


UniBit Protocol is pioneering crosschain transfers by bridging the gap between Bitcoin's BRC20 tokens and the programmable capabilities of EVM networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism, BSC, Arbitrum, BASE, Polygon, Cronos, and KAVA.

The Platform effortlessly transfers your valuable Bitcoin-based assets into the previously inaccessible. UniBit ensures not only efficient and secure bridging but also enhancing cross-chain liquidity and enriching both the Bitcoin and EVM landscapes.


Bitlayer is the first Bitcoin layer 2 solution, ensuring security and advanced functionality through BitVM technology. It seamlessly integrates BTC assets and offers full compatibility with Ethereum tools. Users access it with Metamask and imToken, while developers easily migrate contracts.


Ordify offers innovative products to enhance investment across blockchain networks. From Launchpad to Wallet, the suite provides seamless access to the Bitcoin ecosystem. With integration across various chains, Ordify ensures flexibility for crowdfunding and development. The pioneering ORFY Bridge enables smooth token transfers between BTC and Ethereum chains. Additionally, Ordify's wallet ensures safe storage of tokens and NFTs with easy login.



10n8 is a platform introducing BRC20 tokens through its Dragon mini-game with staking pools, evolving into a BTC asset-based Metaverse, with the aim of enhancing financial literacy through gamified solutions on Bitcoin and DeFi. Inspired by the Chinese Year of the Dragon, 10n8 integrates tradition with technology, unveiling projects via the Dragon Pool—a staking-based yield in select BRC20 projects. In simplifying and popularizing the complex world of BRC20 tokens, 10n8 aims to make the technology of Bitcoin Inscription accessible to all.


BRCStarter stands out as one of the pioneering launchpads with a distinct focus on BRC-20 tokens. The platform accelerates BRC-20 project adoption in the crypto industry through its dedicated launchpad and app. It fosters robust ecosystems for project activities and plans to extend support to other blockchain projects.


SatoshiSync pioneers as a  permissionless protocol for Inscriptions and BTC Layer 2, simplifying BTCFi liquidity with customizable markets on BRC20. Users bridge tokens seamlessly across Ethereum, Solana, and other EVMs without technical expertise. SatoshiSync's core technologies enable diverse capabilities, opening new opportunities in inscription and Bitcoin Layer 2 markets.


As we conclude our exploration of the top 10 trending BRC20 projects, it's evident that the landscape of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving. These projects represent the forefront of innovation within the BRC20 ecosystem, offering unique solutions and opportunities, from revolutionizing decentralized finance to enhancing cross-chain interoperability, each project contributes to the advancement of blockchain technology. As we look ahead, the continued development and adoption of these projects promise an exciting future for the BRC20 space and the broader cryptocurrency industry. 

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