Pullix (PLX) Is Outperforming The Entire Crypto Market and Their Revolutionary Trading Platform Launch is Right Around the Corner

Pullix (PLX) Is Outperforming The Entire Crypto Market and Their Revolutionary Trading Platform Launch is Right Around the Corner

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Evaluating the performance of the crypto market, you will see that Pullix is outmuscling the entire crypto market. Even with Bitcoin breaking its ATH and Ethereum nearing $4k, the sort of ROI Pullix has given is unprecedented. Those who were early on this DeFi crypto have gained almost 700% return on investment. The next few weeks are expected to be massive for Pullixwith the token set to list on BitMart soon. As the crypto market matures into the bull run, investors may pocket nothing less than 1000% ROI on their assets.

Pullix (PLX) - Encouraging Seamless Transaction Through Hybrid Trading System

Investors are not just trooping out to Pullix. The platform solves the age-long problems that traders have encountered with major exchanges. Initially, both CeFi and DeFi exchanges charge high transaction fees that reduce the profit of investors with many average earners seeing their profit cut to size. As such, Pullix takes from the qualities of both CEX and DEX to create a hybrid trading platform where investors can trade conveniently.

The platform is a non-custodial exchange, allowing investors to exercise control over their assets. Pullix not only provides high liquidity but also charges zero commission on transactions and processes transactions faster than many exchanges. Through its high liquidity, the platform can guarantee the competitiveness of investors' assets and also provide liquidity to the automated market makers.

How Has Pullix Performed Since the Start of the Presale?

The Pullix historic crypto ICO kick-started on December 14 as the project intends to make a name for itself in the global crypto market. Altogether, Pullix presale is spread across eight stages with the last presale stage ending on March 4. Against All odds, the Pullix presale was a resounding success. The DeFi cryptocurrency raised almost $10M, attracted close to $18,000 participants, and sold over 100M PLX tokens in the presale.

From the starting price of 0.04 at stage one of the presale, Pullix price has surged to over $0.70 after it was listed on Uniswap. This is a huge 620% increase for participants who joined the project from day one. Aside from token surges, investors can also benefit from the platform profit share model and earn a significant fixed daily percentage from the Pullix revenue.

How Far Can the Token Grow?

The trajectory of Pullix after entering Uniswap reflects the fact that the DeFi project is here to stay. Moments after listing, the Pullix trading volume surged to $1.35M and has risen above $4M currently. The Pullix price also went from $0.168 to over $0.51 within 48 hours of listing, giving users who purchased it on launch over 300% ROI.

The PLX/USDT trading pair has been opened on the XT.COM exchange as it keeps advancing in the DeFi market. Pullix market cap has also grown from $33.6M to over $100M in two days. All these achievements within the short term point to the long-term prospect of the token. With Pullix set to list on BitMart on March 7, more growth performance is in the offing.

Furthering its commitment to ensure trust and stability, the PLX token liquidity has been locked for 2 years in Uniswap. While this is not investment advice, investors are encouraged to do their research and explore every market condition before investing. However, from the promises shown by Pullix, the platform is among the top DeFi projects with the potential to replicate the growth of Shiba Inu in 2021.

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