Gail Bell Reveals Ethereum Prediction, Crypto Feras Bullish On Polkadot, KangaMoon Presale Attracts Whales After New ATH

Gail Bell Reveals Ethereum Prediction, Crypto Feras Bullish On Polkadot, KangaMoon Presale Attracts Whales After New ATH

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While the crypto market continues to recover from the recent downturn, a lot of crypto analysts have aired their opinions on the long-term prospects of some cryptos. Gail Bell is bullish on Ethereum (ETH) in the long term while Crypto Feras believe that Polkadot's price will surge soon. Meanwhile, the KangaMoon (KANG) ongoing presale has continued to attract whales. Having given early investors massive ROI, some crypto analysts have picked it as one of the best cryptos to invest in 2024.  

KangaMoon (KANG) New ATH Draws Whales

Even with the positive price movement of Ethereum and Polkadot, many whales are keen on the KangaMoon project after reaching a new all-time high. Early investors have gotten 180% ROI so far with analysts projecting more in the coming weeks.  

The KangaMoon project is an excellent play-to-earn ecosystem where members partake in activities to win prizes. You can also speculate on match outcomes and win rewards. Aside from this, there is a KangaMoon referral program where token holders invite their friends and get rewarded for each invite.

The KangaMoon is currently in the 4th stage of the presale with the KANG token, an ERC20 token sold for just $0.014. A 10% bonus is given to users who purchase the token now. So far the KangaMoon platform has raised over $3.2M while targeting $3.5M by month's end. The team has also announced plans to list the token in a major CEX exchange in Q2.

At the current trajectory, some analysts believe the KANG price will reach $0.5 in Q4, making it one of the best cryptos to invest in now. The goal of KangaMoon is to build a platform for meme enthusiasts. That means users can earn through various avenues. Token holders can earn more tokens when they promote the project on social media. Above all, now is the best time to join the 2024 hottest meme coin projected to return 50x soon.

Gail Bell Predicts Long-Term Positive Trajectory for Ethereum (ETH) Based on Current Movements

Gail Bell, a popular crypto and Bitcoin influencer has talked about what lies ahead of the Ethereum price in the coming months. The top crypto expert believes that despite market corrections, Ethereum has shown resilience with its 20% gain in the past month and a 46.31% growth in year-to-date price metrics.

Ahead of Q2 2024, the top crypto analysts believe that Ethereum outlooks are positive, especially with the anticipated Ethereum Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) approval. Gail believes that if the EFTs are approved, there could be more inflow of capital in Ethereum and that could result in the crypto witnessing a massive bull run. Also contributing to Gail's bullish optimism is the anticipated Ethereum Dencun Upgrade, which will enhance network scalability and efficacy.

Crypto Feras Forecast Polkadot to Head Towards $14.14 Within the Year

Crypto Feras, an astute Bitcoin trader and crypto investor, has made a prediction about the Polkadot token. After studying the Polkadot price chart, the top analysts believe that the token seems to have almost doubled since the mid-range bounce.  While the token has battled the bear trend for some days, it is now retesting the $9 resistance level.

The analysts believe if the Polkadot price can stabilize at the $9 zone, it will target the next price point which could be $11.37 and $14.14. Meanwhile, with the Polkadot trading volume and market cap witnessing an uptrend, there is a high chance of the token price reaching the  $14 mark in the coming weeks.

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