Expert Ben Armstrong Closes on Xrp (Xrp) Trade, What This Means for Ethereum (Eth) Based Meme Coins $KANG

Expert Ben Armstrong Closes on Xrp (Xrp) Trade, What This Means for Ethereum (Eth) Based Meme Coins $KANG

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Even with its battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), crypto analysts such as Ben Amstrong are heavily bullish on XRP (XRP) tokens. With the crypto expert backing XRP and other cryptos, it means that most of the Ethereum-based meme coins like KangaMoon(KANG) might be heading to the moon soon. In the most exciting innovation, KangaMoonfeatures a remarkable blend of SocialFi models with P2E gaming elements. As such, analysts project KangaMoon as one of the best meme coins to buy now. More details below.

KangaMoon (KANG) Rolls On, Set To List By Q2 Of 2024

The bullish momentum of XRP is expected to wield significant influence for Ethereum-based meme coins like KangaMoon. KangaMoon is one of the next meme coins tipped to break the dominance of meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Pepe. By fusing an element of P2E gaming into its socialFi model, KangaMoon creates a community of gaming lovers ready to battle one another.

In its presale so far, KangaMoon has raised over $1.3M with analysts predicting $2M in the coming days and over $5M before the end of the presale. Some crypto experts have projected 50x growth for the token in the coming months. If that happens, the KANG price might hit $1 in the year, making now the best time to buy the token.

The KangaMoon is at stage 3 of presale with the token sold for just  $0.01125. Early investors have gotten over 125% ROI. Investors can also trigger a 10% deposit bonus by purchasing the token now. Meanwhile, KANG holders can earn additional rewards by engaging in promoting the project on social media.

Furthermore, users can boost their earnings through the referral system by inviting people and ensuring they purchase the KANG token. With the token set to list across a major tier 1 exchange in Q2, this is the best time to step into the $200B worth NFT gaming market through KangaMoon. As such, crypto forecasters rate KangaMoon highly and believe it is one of the best meme coins to buy for a substantial return.

Expert Ben Armstrong Closes on XRP (XRP) Trade

Popular crypto expert Ben Armstrong has taken a holistic look at XRP and believes the token will experience huge surges soon. Armstrong believes that XRP's legal battle will soon come to an end which will pave the way for XRP to witness massive price momentum.

Meanwhile, an attempt by XRP (XRP) to move past the $0.75 key resistance level was rejected with the token now trading below the mark. Over the past month, XRP price has traded between the low of $0.51 to the high of $0.74 with the token increasing by 30% on the monthly chart. Even with its battle with SEC, analysts are upbeat that XRP will climb the $0.75 threshold soon.

Ethereum (ETH) Crosses $4k. Is $5k Possible in the Year?

With Bitcoin breaking its all-time high record, analysts have hoped that Ethereum (ETH) would follow suit before the end of the year. The token is currently only 17% from its 2021 all-time high and with the present momentum, Ethereum could surpass the ATH benchmark in 2024.

Analysts observe that the Ethereum Fear and Greed Index is at an Extreme Greed of 81 and the Ethereum trading sentiment is bullish.

With the Ethereum ETF set to be approved, experts believe the Ethereum price can reach $5k by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the Ethereum price has increased by 57% in the past month and a slight 4% in the past week. Based on the positive market predictions by crypto analysts like Ben Armstrong, analysts believe the Ethereum price and all the Ethereum-based cryptos will hit a new price record in the year.

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