Dogecoin Killer Kangamoon Is Witnessing Sky-High Attention, Is a 20X On The Cards?

Dogecoin Killer Kangamoon Is Witnessing Sky-High Attention, Is a 20X On The Cards?

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Having performed poorly over the last year, Dogecoin is facing fierce competition. New projects like KangaMoon are gaining significant market traction, causing the hype around Dogecoin to decline. 

As KangaMoon continues to build momentum, experts predict that its $KANG token could surge by 220% during its presale, which has put tokens in extremely high demand. 

Dogecoin Underperforms In February 

Dogecoin’s price increased by 61% in February. While this sounds impressive, many of its competitors, such as Pepe, have seen returns of over 140%. This rally was triggered by a Bitcoin bull run, which has caused market-wide price increases. 

This recent surge has taken Dogecoin to an annual high, though experts believe the meme coin needs to do more to maintain its reputation. Although Dogecoin pioneered the meme coin market, its lack of utility and development is causing it to fall behind. 

While many meme coins have launched projects to build their ecosystem, Dogecoin has failed to develop. This has caused Dogecoin to lose many of its supporters, and its social activity has fallen to new lows. 

That said, Dogecoin's recent trading activity suggests the project could recover. In the last 24 hours, Dogecoin’s daily trading volume increased by 200% to $5.75 billion. According to CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin is now the 7th most traded cryptocurrency in the world.

DOGE is currently trading at $0.1266, increasing by 28% in the last 24 hours. However, historically, Dogecoin has faced significant declines following such large rallies. As a result, some experts predict it could be too late to capitalize on Dogecoin's recent growth. 

Could KangaMoon Surge 20X? 

Dogecoin now faces competition from projects like KangaMoon. Though still a meme coin, KangaMoon offers fantastic utility. The project combines a P2E game with social-fi features to create a dynamic and unique user experience. 

As part of this experience, users will be able to earn rewards for their social activity. The more they engage, the higher their rewards. Users can also complete challenges, which will be available every week, month, and quarter. 

This social-fi model aims to help KangaMoon build a strong community of meme coin enthusiasts. The platform aims to connect like-minded people to help them build connections and new relationships. 

KangaMoon is currently in stage two of its presale. Its utility token, $KANG, recently experienced a 50% price increase after stage one sold out. Tokens are currently selling for $0.0075, and investors can capitalize on a 10% buy bonus available during round 2 of the KangaMoon presale.

To maximize their returns, investors can also help promote the KangaMoon presale and earn additional $KANG rewards for their efforts. 

Can KangaMoon Flip Dogecoin?

As interest in Dogecoin continues to decrease, KangaMoon could flip Dogecoin over the next decade. The project showcases significantly greater utility and gives investors a range of opportunities to generate profits. As a result, experts believe that $KANG could surge by 100x once it launches on mainstream exchanges. 

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