Analysts Bullish on Bitgert Coin Following 70% Surge, Project 700% Upswing.

Analysts Bullish on Bitgert Coin Following 70% Surge, Project 700% Upswing.

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No matter when you look, there’s always a digital asset shaking the crypto market. And this time, it is the Bitgert Coin. In the last 30 days, it experienced a 70% jump, surprising crypto enthusiasts. Even experts are bullish on Bitgert coin and expect a 700% upswing in the coming days. Let’s learn what’s so special about Bitgert’s coin.

Bitgert Coin: A Brief Overview

Bitgert’s coin BRISE is a crypto engineering project that went live in July 2021. It specializes in creating centralized exchanges and blockchain products. At the start, Bitgert was BNB (the native tokens) and built on the BNB chain.

However, what caught investors’ eyes was the introduction of the BRC20 blockchain. This network processes transactions (100,000 TPS) at record speed and charges an extremely low gas fee per transaction: $0.0000000000001, a near-zero figure.

The BRISE team seems to have a decent road map. No wonder they released a Web3-focussed wallet, a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and some other products. All these products boosted the utility of BRISE.

Potential Reasons Behind the Surge

The Bitgert coin has a maximum supply of one thousand trillion BRISE coins. However, it comes with a burn mechanism. This mechanism automatically burns the coins from circulation, creating scarcity in the market and increasing value over time.

Bitgert came into the market as a layer-one solution for fixing common challenges related to blockchain and to improvise its use. What drove investors was their focus on smooth transactions and the PoA consensus. This allowed investors to add one hundred blocks without getting validations, adding to their convenience.

Thanks to its near-zero gas fees, lightning-fast transaction speed, and secure transactions, investors love buying the Bitgert coin. BRISE also rewards its coin holders, attracting more investors and boosting community engagement. 

In addition, there’s news floating in the market of Bitgert coin getting listed on Binance. If this happens, it would be extremely beneficial for the coin. How? Well, it would expose BRISE to Binance’s massive audience, attracting more investors in the future.

700% Upswing: Really? 

Currently, Bitgert is priced at $0.0000002419 and has a 24-hour trading volume of $1.92 million. The price prediction sentiment on the Bitgert coin is bullish, meaning its price could rise further in the coming days. Only time will tell whether it rises by a whopping 700%. However, it is recommended you do your own research before investing in this asset.

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