Will Cardano (ADA) And ApeCoin (APE) Rise? New Altcoin Set To Rival Pepe, Onboards Over 2,000 New Users

Will Cardano (ADA) And ApeCoin (APE) Rise? New Altcoin Set To Rival Pepe, Onboards Over 2,000 New Users

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Crypto investors keep looking for the best investment options to maximize their earnings. A new project, Kangamoon, has become the hottest presale asset for its features and growth potential. Presale stage 1 tokens are sold out, and it has raised over $260k. Besides, over 2,000 new users have joined the project. Experts believe that it will be the most profitable cryptocurrency in 2024. Therefore, despite an increase in the prices of Cardano (ADA) and ApeCoin (APE), investors have chosen Kangamoon.

Charles Hoskinson Praises Cardano’s Growth

Recently, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, highlighted the increasing growth of the network. Hoskinson cited a report from Messari, which has shown that the total value locked of Cardano is surging.

According to the report, Cardano’s TVL soared by 160% QoQ in 2023. Subsequently, Cardano jumped from 34th to 11th position. Besides, the Cardano boss also highlighted the rising number of average daily transactions, and active addresses on the network.

Due to these positive developments, Cardano is up by 19% on the monthly price chart. Consequently, the current trading price of Cardano’s ADA is $0.62.

ApeCoin Votes To Launch Its Own Chain

The last week brought a 12% increase in the price of ApeCoin (APE). Hence, at the time of writing, ApeCoin is changing hands at $1.63. The ApeCoin community has made a pivotal decision with regard to the gaming-based APE ecosystem.

A few days ago, the ApeCoin DAO passed a proposal to build its own chain on Arbitrum. Notably, ApeCoin’s blockchain will be called ApeChain, and will accept APE tokens as transaction fees.

According to the ApeCoin DAO, ApeChain will reduce transaction costs and enhance efficiency within the APE ecosystem. However, some members of the ApeCoin community had voted against the proposal.

Kangamoon Presale Speeds Up Its Growth Rate

Meme coins’ significant profitability has made them a popular crypto investment option. Besides, a report’s findings have indicated that the market size of global play-to-earn (P2E) can reach $6,324 million in 2031. To seize these growth opportunities, a new crypto project, Kangamoon, has entered the market.

This new community-backed meme coin project has combined the features of meme coins and P2E tokens. Here, players can have both fun and earning. The project offers several tangible utilities, and its users can generate earnings through various ways. The platform will launch a gaming-based ecosystem. It will allow players to take part in competitions, and win prizes and rewards.

Users will get to create their own characters with unique characteristics. The rarer the character, the better the earnings. Interestingly, users can earn prizes without participating in competitions. They can generate income by spectating battles and betting on their outcomes. Moreover, your earnings will increase with a rise in engagement on the platform.

Interestingly, players will be allowed to start earning even before the launch of Kangamoon on exchanges. They can participate in challenges, and win special giveaways from the presale round. KANG will serve as the native cryptocurrency of the platform.

The token’s presale is currently in the 2nd stage at $0.0075. However, according to market analysts, KANG’s value can skyrocket by 22X before the end of the presale phase. Moreover, it can grow by 35X in 2024. 

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