What's got the Russian investors so excited about DeeStream (DST)? Huge movement from Ethereum (ETH) & Sui (SUI) into Presale

What's got the Russian investors so excited about DeeStream (DST)? Huge movement from Ethereum (ETH) & Sui (SUI) into Presale

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There is a vibrant Russian community within the crypto space. Within this tight-knit group has emerged many whales and other seasoned investors. And now, this big community seems to be talking about one thing – a new project called DeeStream (DST). 

We discover what is happening in that space and why so many Russian investors are moving into DeeStream (DST). We also consider Ethereum (ETH) and Sui (SUI), other options which are popular within the community, to see why DeeStream (DST) is preferred over them. Find out more in the following paragraphs.

Ethereum (ETH) going down. Time to buy? 

A great entry point appeared for buying Ethereum (ETH) as February opened, with the token shortly dropping to $2,243. Now, analysts are saying another could be on the horizon, with Ethereum (ETH) below $2,300. While much of the market expects Ethereum (ETH) to rebound soon, uncertainty as to when it will rise and if this will be sustained still remain. Some investors continue to observe the market to have more certainty on where Ethereum (ETH) could be headed. 

Recent patterns say to buy Sui (SUI) downtrend 

Over the last week, Sui (SUI) has shown resilience to surmount most odds and rise. Despite the continued rise-and-fall pattern, Sui (SUI) has improved its position in 7-day, 30-day and 90-day charts. Currently seeing a slight fall and down to $1.5056, analysts say this is keeping with trends and Sui (SUI) should see a further decline before an inevitable recovery. 

DeeStream (DST) Captures Investors from the East, West, and Everywhere Else 

It's not just Russia where DeeStream (DST) is getting popular. The hype around the streaming crypto is growing as it sweeps through many communities and wins itself followers – many of whom become investors. So what is causing this infectious spread?

First, DeeStream (DST) is new and attracts several people, like many other novel ideas. However, it is more than a new project. For many, it is the solution to issues with conventional streaming platforms.

One of these issues is strict regulation. Streamers don't feel free to express themselves, and users don't often get the content they want because of the fear of a ban, suspension, or some other form of punishment. DeeStream (DST) will maintain some regulations but these are less than other platforms and clear from the start, so everyone understands them. 

Having much faster transactions is another advantage for DeeStream (DST). Yet another advantage is the unprecedented transparency on the platform. Finally, how DeeStream (DST) is run, primarily by token holders, inspires more confidence in the project than centralized setups that populate the industry. 

But DeeStream (DST) isn't attracting only potential users. It is drawing a crowd of investors too. The utilities from above are part of the allure but DeeStream (DST) offers even more. 

A unit of DeeStream (DST) in presale costs $0.035, less than other investment options. Even with this, its potential shines above other tokens. Presale token holders also get a part of the revenue from DeeStream's (DST) transaction fees.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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