Ripple (XRP) and Near Protocol (NEAR) Continue To Correct While Investors Bet Big On Pullix (PLX)

Ripple (XRP) and Near Protocol (NEAR) Continue To Correct While Investors Bet Big On Pullix (PLX)

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Both XRP and NEAR have demonstrated upward movement in value, establishing themselves as influential players in the Web3 space, even amidst the recent market correction. However, the spotlight is particularly on Pullix (PLX), which has recently progressed to Stage 7 of its presale. In today's analysis, we will assess the price performance of these cryptocurrencies to determine which one is the best cryptocurrency for investment in 2024.

Whale Dumps Over 27 Million Ripple (XRP) Tokens - Will XRP Drop Below $0.50 Soon?

XRP, the cryptocurrency native to Ripple, has once again dropped below the $0.53 threshold due to recent intense volatility in the crypto market. During this bearish phase, a substantial whale dump has been observed for XRP.

As per data from Whale Alert, a whale unloaded more than 27 million XRP tokens amid the recent decline in prices. This trader transferred 27.1 million units of XRP tokens to Bitstamp, a crypto trading platform based in Luxembourg, with the transaction valued at $14.57 million.

However, cryptocurrency analysts are anticipating a rise in the price of XRP, potentially pushing it above the $0.50 mark. XRP Captain, a supporter of XRP, conducted an analysis of the future performance of the Ripple-backed cryptocurrency, indicating that the XRP price is on track to rise above $0.50 soon.

Near Protocol (NEAR) Shows Bullish Potential Despite Market Conditions

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has been generating considerable attention as a top crypto coin in the crypto sphere as a community-run cloud computing platform. While it stands out from the majority of its peers, NEAR addresses key limitations in the blockchain space, including poor interoperability, low throughput, and slow transaction speeds.

Despite recent challenging market conditions, NEAR price have managed to experience a notable surge in the past week. Particularly, NEAR price is currently trading in the range of $2.5, and $3.14, reflecting over 25% increase in the past week alone.

If anything, the current positive momentum signals an increased bullish sentiment among investors. Moreso, it further highlights the need for bulls to regain control for the cryptocurrency to potentially reach new highs.

The bullish dominance is also evident in NEAR Protocol's crypto Relative Strength Index (RSI). In the past week, it surpassed the $3 price level, indicating an upward trajectory. According to NEAR Protocol's price prediction, there's a possibility of reaching $5.04 by the end of 2024, contingent on surpassing the $4 price barrier.

Pullix: Pioneering Hybrid Trading Platform for Maximum Profit

Pullix (PLX) has gained attention as it advanced into Stage 7 of its presale, successfully raising almost $5 million from selling over 80 million PLX tokens. The project recently reported a substantial sign-up count, with over 13,000 individuals participating in the presale.

Essentially, Pullix distinguishes itself by offering an hybrid exchange that allows the trading of all asset classes, including gold, Forex, and cryptocurrencies, on a single account. This unique feature significantly enhances overall convenience for traders, setting it apart from major platforms like Binance or Coinbase with their primary focus on cryptocurrencies.

Other notable features include the ability to stake the native PLX tokens for a share of Pullix'sdaily revenue and utilize a DeFi token swap feature for cost-effective token trading. These comprehensive features position PLX as one of the best cryptocurrency for investment in 2024.

The PLX native token, currently valued at $0.10, represents a substantial 150% ROI for early investors. Holding this token is essential, as it offers access to specific assets and reduced trading fees. Pullix also plans to implement a burn feature, reducing the token supply, which may contribute to an increase in its value, further providing significant benefits for long-term holders.

With ties to the Forex market, which Baby Pips claims is the biggest, Pullix’s long-term growth potential is stellar. In fact, market analysts predict that this altcoin could surge by 30x once a Tier-1 CEX lists it in Q1 of 2024.

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