Chainlink (LINK) investors shift into DeeStream (DST) cutting edge platform which excites gamers from Sandbox (SAND) in tandem

Chainlink (LINK) investors shift into DeeStream (DST) cutting edge platform which excites gamers from Sandbox (SAND) in tandem

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If there is something you are guaranteed to find in the crypto space, it is excitement. From innovative projects that redefine how we engage with the Internet and each other to new applications of old principles – the crypto space has many things that can make you go "wow". And even within these projects, there are also differing levels of excitement, with price changes and various profitable patterns.

In this article, we go through all you should get excited about in the crypto space. Our focus is on Chainlink (LINK), Sandbox (SAND), and DeeStream (DST), projects that are exciting right now. Read on to find out more.

Chainlink (LINK) pumping, time to invest?

It has been good news so far for Chainlink (LINK) holders as the token continues to rise. Right as February started, Chainlink (LINK) pumped to $18 and now it has grown again, reaching $20. With its recent price action, Chainlink (LINK) trades 41% better than its position 30 days ago. Compared to last week, it also shows a 10% rise.

The only concern for Chainlink (LINK) holders would be that a correction could be looming.

Momentum building for The Sandbox (SAND)

Decentralized web3 games, The Sandbox (SAND) has thrilled gamers since its launch. The metaverse-based play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform has remained one of the most exciting applications of blockchain technology. The most recent source of excitement around The Sandbox (SAND) comes from recent positive price movements, seeing it rise to $0.47. Although it remains some 5% less than a month ago, recent momentum indicates that may change soon.

Why you should be excited for DeeStream (DST)

Like any other new crypto project, DeeStream (DST) brings various things to be excited about and many opportunities to make a profit. But the excitement with DeeStream (DST) is even greater than many other projects. It not only revolutionizes an industry said to be worth $240 million in a few years but also protects the interests of investors.

For those who love live-streaming, DeeStream (DST) offers less regulation allowing for more variety and creativity with content. It also brings more openness and transparency to the industry. DeeStream (DST) also allows for more community-driven improvements with its decentralized governance model involving all token holders.

Investors can also get excited about its low price and high potential. A unit of DeeStream (DST) in presale costs only $0.035 and there is a 300 million total supply available. With the anticipated growth of DeeStream (DST), investors could see returns up to 30x their investment. 

Investing now while it is in presale means you will also earn money from DeeStream's (DST) transaction fees. And as more users sign up and transact on the platform, these profits will grow. Whether you are a streamer, viewer, or investor, DeeStream (DST) has a lot to be excited about as it redefines live streaming for the better.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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