Analyst Predicts $21 Value for Cardano (ADA) Competitor, Now Just $0.01

Analyst Predicts $21 Value for Cardano (ADA) Competitor, Now Just $0.01

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A prominent crypto analyst has issued a long-term price forecast of $21 per token for new Cardano rival, Pandoshi (PAMBO). With Pandoshi still selling for just $0.01 in its ongoing public presale, the ultra-bullish prediction signals major upside potential.

Cardano Competition Heats Up

Cardano’s ADA token has dominated headlines in recent years as one of crypto’s most prominent “ETH killers,” or alternative blockchain projects aiming to challenge Ethereum’s supremacy. But while ADA prices oscillated wildly through 2021 and 2022, developers began laying the foundations for what could soon become Cardano’s own strongest competitor, Pandoshi.

Pandoshi debuted in late 2023 as a self-described “manifesto championing decentralization” and “privacy” built on the ideological groundwork of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Since its inception, Pandoshi has rapidly built technological momentum and generated significant hype.

While Cardano faces declining network participation metrics and potential resistance barriers to further price appreciation, Pandoshi has cemented major exchange partnerships with top-tier CEXs Binance and Coinbase. It has also pushed forward on the development of its proprietary PandaChain blockchain network, PandoshiSwap decentralized exchange, non-custodial Pandoshi Wallet, and even PAMBO crypto debit cards to grant its native utility token immediate real-world use potential upon launch.

$21 Price Forecast Based on Tokenomics

Leading crypto analyst has closely followed Pandoshi since its presale campaign started late last year. In his newly released 2024 crypto price predictions, the analyst pins Pandoshi as a top candidate to outperform ADA as crypto’s hottest altcoin project. 

The analyst goes on to cite PAMBO’s 50% allocation toward public presale and other allocations to both DEX and CEX liquidity pools as further evidence of the team’s economic sophistication.

“With only 10% of tokens reserved for centralized exchanges, Pandoshi avoids the inflationary pressures of mega CEX listings while ensuring ample liquidity and trading incentives via Uniswap. This is a towering milestone of blockchain achievement, and PAMBO’s intentional deflation points toward exponential growth.

Converting reduced supply levels to potential dollar valuations, the analyst’s analysis suggests each PAMBO could reach $21 if Pandoshi executes according to its published roadmap and stages of blockchain, DEX, and utility integration.

Staking Benefits Further Incentivize Holding  

On top of deflationary tokenomics, Pandoshi offers PAMBO holders another reason to accumulate and hold the asset for major gains – staking rewards. 

Once the PandaChain mainnet launches later this year, validators can earn APY rewards by staking PAMBO. Early adopters receiving and locking up their $0.01 presale PAMBO allocations stand to reap immense benefits as Pandoshi continues its ambitious growth.


Analysts label Pandoshi as a breakout candidate for 2024, with bold long-term predictions that PAMBO will surpass $20 per token due to projections of designed supply scarcity and associated demand spikes.

For investors, the upside opportunity remains immense while PAMBO still sells for $0.01 through Pandoshi’s ongpong presale campaign. However, analysts urge immediate action, as the closing public sale could soon catalyze 1,900% gains, exceeding the analyst's $21 forecast.

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