New Year, New Wealth: Unveiling the Best Cryptos to Invest in This January

New Year, New Wealth: Unveiling the Best Cryptos to Invest in This January

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● Litecoin sheds 10% in a week, but experts believe an uptrend is coming soon.
● Cardano loses 19% in a week, but analysts expect bulls to return by month’s end.
● Rebel Satoshi poised to surge further after gaining 100% thus far.

After a tumultuous year, the crypto market ended 2023 with bulls charging. However, top altcoins like Litecoin (LTC) and Cardano (ADA) kicked off 2024 on a bearish note. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), an upcoming meme coin, has taken the crypto market after surging 100% thus far during its public presale.

Between Litecoin, Cardano, and Rebel Satoshi, which crypto has massive growth potential? Let’s delve into expert predictions to find out!

Litecoin Tanks 10% in a Week: Are Bulls Returning Soon?

Litecoin has performed direly over the past seven days. On January 2, LTC was changing hands at around $73.26. However, the January 3 market crash that stemmed from fears of the SEC rejecting spot Bitcoin ETFs took a toll on LTC because the crypto-verse considers it the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. As a result, LTC plunged to $64.44 on the same day.

After trading sideways for days, LTC started surging on January 8 after Litecoin announced that its network had inscribed over 2 million ordinals in 2024. This news saw LTC climb to $68.29 on January 9 before correcting downward and stabilizing at around $65.33. This price means LTC has lost 10.82% in a week.

Still, experts believe Litecoin will surge to close the month at $79.19. This prediction makes LTC a good crypto to buy! Experts peg this prediction on Litecoin gaining more adoption as ordinal inscriptions continue rising.

Cardano Plunges 19% in a Week: What’s Coming Next?

Cardano has performed dismally over the past seven days. On January 2, ADA was hovering around $0.6231. Unlike most altcoins, ADA survived the January 3 market crash. On January 4, renowned crypto analyst Ali Martinez revealed that Cardano whales had purchased over 14 million ADA over the past two weeks.

This news saw ADA climb as high as $0.5773 on January 4. However, as the buzz about this news diminished, ADA began retracing its growth. By January 9, ADA had stabilized at around $0.5006. This price means ADA has plunged 19.66% in a week. This performance explains why investors are excluding Cardano from the list of top crypto coins to buy.

Despite this poor performance, experts believe ADA will gain traction and climb to $0.5218 by the end of the month. Experts peg this prediction on Cardano gaining more adoption after Martinez pointed out that ADA’s current price movements mirror the 2018-2020 pattern, which resulted in a massive bull run.

Rebel Satoshi Promises Investors More Gains After Jumping 100% Thus Far!

Rebel Satoshi, an upcoming meme coin that seeks to disrupt the crypto space by challenging centralized entities, has been doing rounds in the crypto-verse since the start of its presale. This popularity has seen Rebel Satoshi secure $2 million thus far during its presale, making it the fastest-growing meme coin.

$RBZL, Rebel Satoshi’s governance and membership token, has played a significant role in attracting investors. Investors are buying $RBLZ because it offers access to the entire Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. The Rebel Satoshi ecosystem boasts the Rebel NFT Vault, an NFT marketplace, a P2E game, and a staking program.

By January, Rebel Satoshi had started Citizens Round 3 of its ongoing presale, with $RBLZ going for $0.025. By attaining this price, $RBLZ has generated a 100% ROI for Early Bird Round investors that bought it at $0.010. This ROI will increase to 150% as $RBLZ reaches its listing price of $0.025.

Investors that join Citizens Round 3 will enjoy a 25% ROI when $RBLZ climbs to $0.025. Moreover, analysts expect $RBLZ to skyrocket when it gets listed on top DEXs in February. This forecast makes $RBLZ the best crypto to invest in now!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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