How To Boost The Success of Your Crypto PR Campaign

How To Boost The Success of Your Crypto PR Campaign

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After a long crypto winter, the blockchain industry is finally starting to thaw. With massive movements in leading cryptocurrencies and new Web 3 products launching in 2024, the general public is once again turning toward the world of crypto.

Across 2023, more than $2.2 billion was invested in cryptocurrency, with this figure only seemingly to be on the rise for 2024. While high inflation rates and a general fear of an economic downturn made many investments fall in 2023, the tides are now beginning to turn. In light of the upcoming boom in crypto investments and engagement, blockchain companies, now more than ever before, need to understand exactly how to market their products and services.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about crypto PR campaigns, commenting on the leading strategies, considerations to make, and general advice that will help boost the success of your next launch. 

What Are the Goals of a Crypto PR Campaign?

When launching a successful crypto PR campaign, your company should first work backward. Establishing what your goals are for the campaign will help point you toward the most effective method of arriving at those objectives. Not every business will want the same thing, making a personalized approach vital for successful crypto PR.

In general, most crypto PR campaigns revolve around the following goals:

  • Improve Trust - One area that sets the cryptocurrency industry apart from many others is the fact that the vast majority of the audience you come into contact with will instantly not trust your brand. In fact, over 66% of US adults aren’t confident in crypto’s reliability. Even more devoted audiences are so used to being burnt that they’ll be cautious when approaching a new project. A central goal of a great campaign will be to build up trust around your brand.

  • Generate Awareness - If you’re completely new to the crypto scene, you’ll likely have zero followers and a low level of brand awareness. A great crypto PR campaign can aim to fix this, by generating awareness around your brand, its purpose, and why people should be interested in you.

  • Build Buyers - Many crypto projects need liquidity to get their projects flowing. With that in mind, some blockchain companies will be looking for investors and buyers above all else. That said, these will typically only come after your company has already achieved the first two goals.

While all blockchain PR campaigns will focus on these areas, they will each do so to a varying extent. For example, a project that is already established in the industry will likely have followers that trust in the project, making the goal of complete transparency less important as many will already know and love the brand itself.

Depending on your current position in the world of crypto, your approach will vary.

Best Crypto PR Strategies

To achieve all the most important goals of a crypto PR campaign, there are numerous PR strategies that your business could employ. However, the large range of potential methods is one of the reasons that many PR campaigns don’t get off the ground. Especially in the specific niche of crypto PR, the same old tricks won’t work on your audience.

Instead of just running typical PR campaigns, you should focus on strategies that particularly resonate with your target audience. Here are some of the best crypto PR strategies for 2024:

  • Airdrops - Airdrops are events that allow cryptocurrency companies to rapidly gain liquidity, bring people into their ecosystem, and boost the value of their coin. Typically, you can run airdrops through social media sites like Twitter. A crypto project can create a tweet that asks users to retweet to engage with their Airdrop, giving the user a fixed number of coins or fractions of a coin as a reward. By asking for this service, you give people your cryptocurrency, increasing the total number of people who engage with your coin while also radically boosting public awareness around your coin. Remember, once someone retweets, their entire following sees the post, which can quickly turn into a viral chain of reposting. 

  • Crypto Press Releases – The vast majority of users who invest in cryptocurrency are highly informed. Considering how quickly crypto can rise and fall, many spend time reading the news to keep themselves up to date with movements in the world of blockchain. With this in mind, getting your company’s name in crypto publications is vital. Alongside writing and pitching articles, the most effective way you can do this is to work with a crypto press release distribution tool that will publish your company’s news on major websites. 

  • Thought Leadership Articles – Crypto investors want to know that the new coin they’re investing in is built to last. With a long history of rug pulls and scam projects, investors need to fully trust your company. An effective method of engaging the public to build trust is by publishing regular thought leadership articles. Detailed blogs that comment on trends, break down current affairs, or discuss the future trajectory of the crypto market will paint your company as trustworthy and highly informed. 

While you can supplement these strategies with other approaches, they’ll be your winning tickets in crypto PR.

Final Thoughts

Across the board, crypto PR campaigns need to be highly structured, transparent, and engaging to the audience they’re interacting with. Instead of treating cryptocurrency like any other industry, blockchain businesses need to understand the critical differences that set this field apart.

By adapting your crypto PR campaigns to align with 2024’s best strategies, tactics, and mediums of connection, you’ll be well on your way to a winning campaign. Adopt the approaches we’ve outlined in this article and you’ll be set to create effective PR campaigns that generate hype, capture new audiences, and get the ball rolling on your crypto project.

Best of luck with your upcoming launch!

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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