Grayscale Sells 100,000 BTC, Solana Must Key Support, Meme Moguls Rallies Into Stage 5

Grayscale Sells 100,000 BTC, Solana Must Key Support, Meme Moguls Rallies Into Stage 5

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Following the sale of 100,000 Bitcoin, Grayscale has halted its Bitcoin disposal. Bulls in Solana must maintain the price over $80 in the interim to maintain their chances for a rally. 

Additionally, since it entered stage 5 of its presale, the meme coin Meme Moguls has emerged as the best crypto to own. Investor interest in the meme currency has surged due to analysts' predictions of an impending meme coin surge. 

Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Sell-off Over Intensifies Bearish Pressure

The main Bitcoin Spot ETF issuer, Grayscale, has finished selling 100,000 BTC. The upward price movement of Bitcoin was impacted by this action. The top coin plummeted below $40,000 and hit $38,240, its lowest point in three months. 

This effect demonstrated Grayscale's power in the Bitcoin industry. Meanwhile, the transaction, worth around $3.98 billion, resulted in a 22% decline in the firm's assets. Grayscale's Bitcoin holdings fell from 619,220 BTC to around 519,220 BTC.

Despite Grayscale's large sales, other ETFs saw an inflow of 108,117 BTC. This showed that net inflows continued even with Grayscale's sell-off.

Solana (SOL) Price Prediction 

Solana (SOL) has been facing a challenging period over the past weeks after falling from its year-high of $125. Its price has dropped 21.9% on the 30-day price chart.

However, this could change. The price chart showed that Solana had begun upward price movement in the past week. The DeFi coin price has crossed the $80 and is heading for $88. For bullish sentiment to hold, maintaining support above $80 is essential

This is because a breach could give way to a more prolonged bearish trend that could send Solana's price as low as $70. Analysts have forecasted Solana's price to rise by 16.47% and reach $100.58 in the coming weeks.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Rides Into Stage 5

Currently, in stage 5, the Meme Moguls DeFi coin price stands at $0.0036, with an enticing 30% deposit bonus. Investors are buzzing about meme coins, with Solana and Avalanche-based meme coins becoming popular. Top meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu soared high in their time. However, the focus now is on meme coins with utility, and Meme Moguls is your best bet. 

Meme Moguls (MGLS) is more than just a memecoin; it is a play-to-earn token with real-world value poised to revolutionize the DeFi sector. As a  top ICO, it offers investors a unique chance to earn through gaming while learning about investing and growing their wealth.

Players kick off with a virtual $100,000, aiming to hone their investment skills. The fact that winnings from the game's challenges can be converted into real money and that coins can be taken out as real money adds to the allure of Meme Moguls.

Additionally, this top ICO presents a novel regulation to encourage a variety of investment approaches. It prohibits users from investing more than 20% of their virtual money in a single transaction. 

In Summary 

Even though Solana and Bitcoin are the two most popular coins on the market, attention is now focused on meme coins like Meme Moguls. Experts predict that when the presale picks up steam, Meme Moguls' price will 100x. 

Meme Moguls can become the best crypto right now if it rises from $0.0036 to $0.36. Visit the Meme Moguls website to join the presale if you want to share these enormous benefits.

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