Crypto Analyst TAnalyst Says Bitcoin Bull Run Has Started, Investors Stockpiling Everlodge

Crypto Analyst TAnalyst Says Bitcoin Bull Run Has Started, Investors Stockpiling Everlodge

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Crypto Analyst TAnalyst's recent price analysis suggests that the highly awaited Bitcoin bull run is about to kick off. As a result, Investors are flocking to promising alt coins like Everlodge to benefit from the rally.

Bitcoin (BTC) About To Form a Golden Cross

Crypto analyst TAnalyst on December 22nd posted a chart on X. The chart showed similarities between the Bitcoin price pattern (a golden cross) before halving in 2014-2017 and 2023-2024. There's growing anticipation that the next Bitcoin halving, set for 2024, could mark the beginning of a new market cycle.

Currently, Bitcoin is hovering in the $40,000 to $45,000 range, struggling to break through a key resistance level amid a broader market consolidation. However, a look at Bitcoin's technical analysis suggests it might be gearing up for a new all-time high.

One significant indicator is the potential completion of its first-ever weekly golden cross pattern. This pattern is a bullish signal for long-term price trends. It occurs when the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-week moving average.

With a close eye on Bitcoin's market cap, the first-ever golden cross is expected this week, assuming there's no major price drop before December 25th. If this happens, crypto analyst TAnalyst noted that Bitcoin could begin a price rally.

Everlodge (ELDG): A Good Crypto To Buy As the Bull Run Begins

The global real estate market, valued at over $280 trillion, presents a vast opportunity that Everlodge (ELDG) is keen to explore. The platform aims to revolutionize the sector and change how people buy and sell real estate properties.

It will achieve this by establishing the world's first NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties. Everlodge will allow investors to buy property-backed NFTs for as low as $100. This innovative concept has attracted interest from investors worldwide, with many participating in its launch. Currently, Everlodge is in the ninth stage of its presale, offering the ELDG DeFi token at just $0.029.

The Everlodge team plans to introduce staking rewards, trading fee discounts, and other benefits for ELDG token holders. The presale has been successful, with millions of ELDG tokens already sold. To ensure stability and trust, team DeFi tokens" are locked for two years. Also, the liquidity pool will be locked for eight years.

The aim is to prevent any sudden market disruptions or sell-offs after launch. Additionally, Everlodge's commitment to security is evident in its smart contract audit by InterFi Network and a KYC audit verification by BlockAudit, providing investors with confidence in the safety of their investments.

Everlodge also stands out with its AI-driven tool for global property price tracking and the option to use NFTs as loan collateral. This positions Everlodge as a significant player in the real estate market. Market analysts predict a 30x price increase post-exchange listing, making Everlodge a good crypto to buy.

Final Thoughts

According to Michael Van de Poppe, the best time to buy #Altcoins is now. Luckily, analysts have tipped Everlodge as one of the best alt coins to buy. The token's utility in the real estate space is also another huge catalyst for massive growth.

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