Time to Fix Crypto Twitter: /Reach's mission to bring real engagement to Web3’s favourite social media platform

Time to Fix Crypto Twitter: /Reach's mission to bring real engagement to Web3’s favourite social media platform

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Twitter stands as a global focal point within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, users encounter persistent challenges with the platform, including issues with its algorithm and the prevalence of false accounts. A recent investigation revealed that several influential cryptocurrency figures have a substantial number of fake 'bot' followers, thus exaggerating the size of their networks. Regrettably, these misleading identities are strategically employed to endorse various false projects, resulting in the generation of artificial and substandard interactions on social media postings.

Elon Musk's endeavours to tackle this problem since purchasing the firm has been ineffective. Twitter/X is expected to see a decline of 30 million users in the next two years, accounting for around 10% of its active user base. L'anamour and 8an, the co-founders of /Reach, are on a mission to stop this from happening. They have created a specialized protocol and gathered a group of prominent individuals in the cryptocurrency field to support their objective.

A consortium of influential investors, including Seedphrase, Pranksy, Gmoney, Zeneca, and others, has supported /Reach. These investors have previously invested in notable initiatives such as Blur, LooksRare, SuperRare, and NFTNow.

Significantly, the protocol developed by /Reach is well-positioned to address the ongoing issues of Twitter bots, fraudulent accounts, and subpar user interaction. Further, the protocol blends Discord with Twitter/X and seeks to provide a comprehensive solution to the issues faced by the crypto community on this widely-used social media platform.

Social-Fi Innovation

To address the glaring issues plaguing the social media giant, the new company and its investors are leveraging social-fi innovation. The protocol's unique selling proposition (USP) lies in its innovative integration between Discord, the haven of closed crypto communities, and Twitter/X. This groundbreaking integration empowers users to promote their content within an engaged and audited user base, with the added incentive of being remunerated for their contributions to network effects.

Businesses and individuals alike would benefit greatly from the link since it opens the door to promoting content to highly targeted audiences outside the limitations of Twitter's algorithm. With over 6,000 people participating in the beta phase, everything is ready for the highly anticipated official launch on Monday, December 18th, at 14:00 EST, powered by the $REACH token.

/Reach's Vision for a Collaborative Twitter Renaissance

To address the expected significant decrease in the number of users on Twitter/X, /Reach is leading an effort to establish a collaborative platform where creators and contributors may unite, enhancing the exposure of Web3 projects. Seedphrase, a well-known name in the Crypto Twitter community, renowned for possessing the rarest Cryptopunk and acting as the primary advisor for /Reach, has joined the movement.

Seedphrase highlighted on Twitter the need for change by noting that the present average organic interaction rate on Twitter/X is a paltry 0.05%. With an understanding of the strong need for tools that promote user interaction and safeguard against unanticipated algorithmic changes, /Reach endeavours to provide a platform that encourages cooperation. This ecosystem fosters collaboration among creators and contributors, promoting the visibility of Web3 projects and providing concrete incentives for active engagement.

Wrapping Up

The crypto world eagerly awaits the December 18th launch of /Reach, with full details to be released on the project’s Twitter/X page. Bolstered by support from its influential investors, the project is ready and waiting to help change Twitter for the better. 

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