MicroStrategy Stockpiles More Bitcoin Ahead of 2024 Rally, How High Will Prices Go?

MicroStrategy Stockpiles More Bitcoin Ahead of 2024 Rally, How High Will Prices Go?

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MicroStrategy, one of the top firms with the largest amount of Bitcoin holdings is not backing out anytime soon. The public-traded firm has added more Bitcoin. In other news, the Everlodgereal estate market giant has launched a new feature that has become the talk of the town.

MicroStrategy Doubles Down on Bitcoin (BTC) Holdings Ahead of 2024 Price Surge

On November 30th, Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy, announced that the company had acquired more Bitcoin (BTC). They purchased these Bitcoins for about $593.3 million, which was equivalent to $36,785 per Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy now holds 174,530 BTC, valued at around $6.8 billion. The recent announcement from MicroStrategy comes just after Bitcoin ended November with gains of approximately 10%.

The company had made $900 million from its Bitcoin holdings as of Q3 2023. CEO Phong Le has also suggested that the company will keep making regular purchases. In the meantime, the price of Bitcoin has held firm at over $38,000, maintaining its critical support.

There are various reasons why the market sentiment is currently bullish. The US Federal Reserve's position, the impending Bitcoin halving, and the launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF are all noteworthy. As far as short-term technical advantage goes, bulls are in control right now.

A bullish outlook can be observed from a recent analysis of the Bitcoin price history. Eight out of the past thirteen years, Bitcoin has ended the fourth quarter with gains. This historical pattern increases the excitement around the current December, raising expectations among the cryptocurrency community.

What is New With Everlodge (ELDG)?

The real estate market encompasses a wide sector, and it can be challenging to determine which areas are ideal for property investment. However, with the emergence of AI technology, the situation has improved significantly.

Nowadays, real estate enthusiasts can conveniently monitor property markets worldwide using their mobile devices. They have access to real-time data and can track market trends.  All ofthese features and more are readily available on Everlodge, which proudly stands as the world's first real estate marketplace.

Everlodge's AI technology has the potential to assist users in assessing promising areas for real estate development. Surprisingly, it may have even predicted the current real estate boom. Everlodge has revolutionized the way people can become real estate owners.

Their innovative approach makes it possible for you to own a luxurious beachfront vacation home without needing a substantial amount of money. The core idea behind Everlodge's plans has been to convert these real estate properties into digital NFTs. As a result, with just $100, individuals can now become partial owners of these properties.

Everlodge has just entered the seventh phase of its presale, and each ELDG token is valued at $0.025. Investors have already enjoyed a 150% return on their investments. Analysts predicted that the price could potentially climb even higher to $0.50 by Q1 2024. This forecast is based on Everlodge's strong connection to the real estate sector.

For more information about Everlodge (ELDG) please visit their website.

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