Fantom (FTM) & THETA Network (THETA) Prices Retrace, Pullix (PLX) Is Set To Take Markets By Storm

Fantom (FTM) & THETA Network (THETA) Prices Retrace, Pullix (PLX) Is Set To Take Markets By Storm

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Fantom (FTM) and Theta Network (THETA) have been prominent names in the crypto sphere, known for their innovative technology. While these established tokens have seen some price retraction, another emerging player, Pullix (PLX), is generating significant buzz within the crypto markets. This new ICO is now in Stage 1 of its presale, but experts predict it may surge by 100x soon. Let's find out why.

Fantom Price Prediction

Fantom (FTM) recently retraced on the price charts, with its value going down from $0.40 to $0.37 in just a few hours on December 11th. This fall came after a good start to December for the Fantom crypto. It increased from $0.30 on December 1st to $0.41 on December 10th after Fantom announced the Sonic Labs incubator for developers.

However, this retracement will end soon as the Fantom price exceeds the 21 and 50-day EMAs. Moreover, the Fantom Fear & Greed index shows 74 (Greed) - good bullish signs.

Experts have taken note of these factors as they believe the Fantom will rise once more to $0.43 before December 2023 ends. This makes Fantom one of the altcoins to watch.

Theta Network News

Similarly, Theta Network (THETA) has fallen on the daily price charts. This altcoin lost 6% of its gains on December 11th, dropping from $1.12 to $1.05 in just a few hours. At the start of December, Theta Network reached $1.18 as it announced a new partnership with DWF Labs.

From a technical perspective, the Theta Network crypto value will rise again soon. Notably, it's Fear & Greed index shows a 74 (Greed). It is also sitting above its 21 and 50-day EMAs.

These bullish technical indicators have made many experts forecast a price of $1.07 before 2023 ends in their Theta Network price predictions.

Pullix (PLX): The Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Today

Pullix (PLX) will emerge as a game-changing community-backed trading platform using blockchain technology to improve the trading experience. Unlike traditional trading platforms focusing on crypto-only, Pullix taps into multiple financial markets as it allows the trade of all assets (including crypto) in one place.

You will no longer need to worry about high fees, lengthy trading times, or a lack of security. On Pullix, every transaction and trade will be safe and sound as they will be stored on an immutable ledger. What makes Pullix stand out is its approach to passive income, Pullix will dedicate 30% of its daily profits to reward PLX token stakers. You may even become a liquidity provider and earn a fixed interest rate. Say you create a PLX/BTC trading pair; your payout will be paid in BTC adding another excellent passive income capability.

The PLX native token is the key to obtaining this passive income, and the crypto community is in a frenzy for it. This DeFi coin is now in Stage 1 of its presale, costing only $0.04. Over $238,800 has been raised so far, showcasing its demand. Those who purchase it now could capitalize on a massive surge, as experts foresee a 580% rise before its presale ends.

Looking Ahead

While Fantom and Theta Network continue having ups and downs, Pullix stands out as the best crypto investment. Thanks to its low market cap of $8M, PLX may surge much faster than its peers as fewer new funds are needed. It will also have real-world ties to the forex market, which Baby Pips claims is the most popular financial market globally. All these factors make PLX a top 5 cryptocurrency in the future.

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