Explosive Growth: Japan's CGV Injects $5 Million into Ethereum's Layer 2 as Meme Moguls' Platform Attracts Surge of Investment Inflows

Explosive Growth: Japan's CGV Injects $5 Million into Ethereum's Layer 2 as Meme Moguls' Platform Attracts Surge of Investment Inflows

Since the launch of Ethereum's much-anticipated Layer 2 Blast network, the crypto community has been filled with keen interest and some reservations. Over $600 million accrued in total locked assets (TVL) and more in the pipeline. The buzz is paying well for Pacman and in the world of memes, an upcoming innovative P2E platform, Meme Moguls, is driving more investment and thrill its way.

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Ethereum's Layer 2 Blast Tickles More Investors As Japanese Crypto Firm CGV Pumps $5 Million 

Without mincing words, the past few days have witnessed Ethereum's Layer 2 Blast network soar to an unprecedented high. It gets more interesting as Japanese cryptocurrency investment firm CGV announced an investment of $5 million in the Blast network. CGV revealed that the investment is part of a collaborative endeavour to enhance the development of the Layer 2 solution with a mainnet launch set for February 2024.

Blast has received widespread attention in the world of venture capital with big shots like Standard Crypto, Mechanism Capital, and Paradigm injecting a combined $20 million into the network. Launched and led by Blur NFT marketplace founder Pacman, Ethereum Layer 2 Blast is built on the principle that markets march towards efficiency. Particularly, liquidity flows to where it can get the highest yield.

The scaling network is billed to offer native yield for Ethereum and stablecoins, letting users stake or lock up their funds in the network to earn an interest-like return. Despite its criticism by responsible cryptocurrency practice advocates, Blast has accumulated a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $605.9 million and has attracted more than 50,000 users since its launch on Nov 21.

CGV's $5 million investment has already been set aside to develop and invest in pioneering projects within the Blast network such as DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, Real-World Assets (RWA), and more.

Meme Moguls' Innovative Brew of Memes and Finance Intrigues More Investors 

Ethereum's Layer 2 is not the only network capturing the hearts and pockets of investors, Meme Moguls (MGLS), an upcoming one-of-a-kind P2E platform building a community of like-minded individuals looking to immerse themselves in the art of memes while tapping into profit-making opportunities.

Meme Moguls is particular about the community part as there's excitement and a sense of belonging to a group that lives and breathes the same thing, memes. The platform will drive community engagement and ensure that every participant benefits through its inclusive tokenomics and generous rewards.

With its MGLS tokens, participants are assured of trading and investing in a great range of meme-inspired assets, power to influence important governance decisions, stake as much as they want, access to real-time market data and trends, and make passive income by the side.

The presale is heating up fast at a current price of $0.0021, an increase from its $0.0019. The platform has a whooping token supply of 3,000,000,000. The pie is still hot for early bird investors to take this opportunity and become one of the first set investors and community members of the hottest meme coin of the year.

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