Crypto World Bitcoin Price Analysis, Injective Reaches New ATH, Everlodge Enters Trillion-Dollar Market

Crypto World Bitcoin Price Analysis, Injective Reaches New ATH, Everlodge Enters Trillion-Dollar Market

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Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced ups and downs during the month so far but remained above the $43,000 price barrier, leading analysts to project future growth for the crypto, fueled by this sign of resilience as it bounced off crucial support levels.

Injective (INJ) is also progressing in an upward direction as it reached a new all-time high. Alongside both of these projects, another crypto that is seeing significant growth is Everlodge(ELDG). We will jump into each project to see how far they can rise and to see which is the best cryptocurrency to buy.

Bitcoin (BTC) to Start 2024 at Over $63,000 Based on Analyst Projection

Crypto analyst Crypto World is bullish on the future of Bitcoin (BTC). In a video recently published on YouTube, the analyst went over how the crypto highlighted a bounce from a significant support line that was previously serving as a resistance zone.

The short-term resistance levels at $43,100 and $43,400 for Bitcoin have been breached, turning into potential support. Further upward momentum could face resistance around $44,500 and $44,700, and a breakout above $44,700 for Bitcoin is signaling a new yearly high. According to the Bitcoin price prediction, it can start 2024 at a value of $63,380.18

Injective (INJ) Reaches New All-Time High – Can It Climb Further?

Injective (INJ) recently made a major milestone, where on December 20, 2023, it reached a new all-time high at a value of $43.20. Alongside this, the 7-day performance of the Injective crypto was also bullish, as it moved up from $28.58 and broke past the $40 price barrier, leading to a maximum value of $42.82.

The total year-to-date (YTD) increase for Injective was by 2,800%, making it one of the largest gainers of the year. According to the on-chart data, this growth has not stopped, and based on theInjective price prediction, it can reach $68.83 in early 2024.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Introduce Blockchain to $280T Real Estate Market

Everlodge (ELDG) is an upcoming real estate marketplace currently in its crypto ICO phase that can change how traders access the real estate market by enabling fractional ownership of NFTs.

Historically, the asset class was extremely difficult to access as most properties would cost millions in upfront capital. However, with Everlodge, a $8,000,000 property would get minted into 80,000 pieces worth just $100 each.

This way, anyone will be able to buy a single fraction or multiple fractions. They retain all of the benefits, however, such as passive income through rentals and value appreciation of the real-world property, as the NFT will grow alongside it.

The ecosystem is vast and will also feature a Rewards Club. Through it, users will be able to access free nightly stays that they can resell for additional capital gains if they do not want to use them. There is even a Property Launchpad where builders can get funding from the community. All of these aspects can disrupt the $280 trillion real estate market, making this the best cryptocurrency to buy.


While Bitcoin is rising and Injective could see a significant upswing soon, many are turning their attention to the Everlodge cryptocurrency. During its crypto ICO, ELDG has reached Stage 8 where its offered at $0.027. At launch, analysts project a price upswing of 100x, making it a solid altcoin for diversification.

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