Critical Ethereum (ETH) Levels Propel Investors Toward BONK (BONK) and Promising Pullix (PLX)

Critical Ethereum (ETH) Levels Propel Investors Toward BONK (BONK) and Promising Pullix (PLX)

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Ethereum (ETH) shows signs of weakness, but there are mixed signals as whales keep amassing impressive amounts of ETH. Meanwhile, investors and crypto enthusiasts are keeping an eye on BONK and Pullix, two cryptos set to embellish the festive spirit with 100x gains. Here’s what you should know if you want to start 2024 in the green.

Ethereum’s Correction: A Chance for the Whales to Shine?

In just the past five days, ETH has dipped by about 1.25%. Now, while that might sound like a bit of a slump, it's actually sparked an intriguing move among the big players, the whales of the crypto ocean. They've been diving in, scooping up more ETH.

Could this be their way of signaling a potential turnaround for Ethereum? It's definitely something to keep an eye on.

But here's an interesting twist - while these whales are busy accumulating, the overall trading volume of Ethereum has taken a nosedive. This suggests that the broader investor community isn't as active right now.

Despite this, some whales have confidently added over 100,000 ETH to their stash, valued at a whopping $230 million. This uptick in whale activity, coupled with a rise in the Ethereum supply held by top addresses, hints that they might be seeing something the rest of us haven’t caught onto yet.

However, there’s a catch. Ethereum’s MACD indicates a bearish crossover, hinting at the possibility of a further downtrend in the near term. Because of this, investors are now eyeing other promising cryptocurrencies like BONK and Pullix.

BONK Price Prediction

In a stunning turn of events, a trader recently transformed a $16k investment into a staggering $10 million, thanks to the meteoric rise of Bonk (BONK). This growth spurt followed BONK's recent listings on major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

Over the last month, BONK's value has skyrocketed by 300% and has risen by a phenomenal 21,000% since its all-time low in December of the previous year.

These numbers are more than just impressive; they've catapulted BONK into the spotlight as one of 2023’s top crypto to buy.

Finally, regarding BONK price prediction, the sentiment remains bullish, although the market is highly volatile. Some believe that it could reach $0.00004 in early 2024 if the momentum remains strong.

Pullix (PLX) – Here’s Why This Promising Presale Could Reach 100x

Pullix steps in with a hybrid platform that uniquely combines the security of centralized systems with the flexibility of decentralized finance. This approach solves the persistent liquidity and security issues that have long been a thorn in the side of DeFi enthusiasts.

Currently, Pullix is in Stage 4 of its presale, priced attractively at $0.046.. But here's where it gets really exciting – market analysts are predicting a staggering 580% rise in PLX value and a mind-blowing 100x growth once it launches. Remember the astronomical surge Bonk experienced after hitting major exchanges? That's the kind of prediction we're talking about for Pullix.

Pullix isn’t just another token; it's the world's first 'Trade-to-Earn' token, redefining how you interact with crypto. As a PLX holder, you're not just holding a token; you're tapping into the daily revenues of the platform. Plus, there's no need for KYC as you can use your crypto as collateral. And if you’re interested in passive income, staking PLX could fetch you up to 18% APR.


All in all, Pullix presale is rapidly gaining traction, advancing through the stages as early backers stand to enjoy up to 580% gains by the end of the presale. With robust predictions and strong fundamentals, it’s no wonder that Pullix could follow in the steps of BONK and reward its backers with over 100x gains, making it one of the top crypto to buy in 2024.

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