Charts Suggest Ripple (XRP) Could Rally 85%, But Pullix (PLX) & Cardano (ADA) Could Surge Higher

Charts Suggest Ripple (XRP) Could Rally 85%, But Pullix (PLX) & Cardano (ADA) Could Surge Higher

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According to renowned analysts, Ripple could see an 85% increase in the coming weeks. However, Cardano and Pullix have been predicted to see an even higher price growth in the coming weeks. Keep reading to learn more about ERC20 tokens.

Market Analyst AlanSantana Forecasts 85% Rally for XRP (XRP)

Market analyst Alan Santana recently discussed the potential price movements of Ripple (XRP). According to his analysis, the Ripple price could increase ranging from 85% to 120%, depending on its correction path. On the TradingView platform, Santana explored two possible correction scenarios for the Ripple coin.

He emphasized that the ongoing positive trend and market wave would be the main factors driving the increase in prices. Looking forward, Santana considered the six-month outlook for the Ripple price. He suggested that the XRP price could range between $0.73 and $0.94, similar to the highs observed in July.

Santana introduced two potential retracement scenarios. The first one envisioned the Ripple coin dropping to approximately $0.51 before rising 85%. In the second correction path, XRP could decline to around $0.43. This would lead to a 120% rally.

Cardano (ADA) on the Way To $33

A well-known market expert, Tyler Strejilevich, has suggested that Cardano (ADA) might experience a significant increase in the coming weeks. The last time the Cardano coin displayed such a positive weekly trend was in November 2020.

The Cardano price increased by a whopping 6,000% over the next 66 weeks, as Strejilevichpointed out. Cardano might reach $33.55 in the next 66 weeks if we see a similar pattern following the positive trend.

As a result, the Cardano coin may reach the expected price of $33.55 by March 15, 2025. Cardano (ADA) has fluctuated between $0.398945 and $0.631526 on the weekly chart with a 32.0% gain. The token technical indicator is currently bullish, a sign of bullish action.

Pullix (PLX) Set For 580% Price Surge

Pullix (PLX) has unveiled a new trading platform set to revolutionize crypto trading. The platform seeks to put an end to the days of slow transactions, large fees, and long processing times. Pullix's platform addresses these prevalent concerns with the DeFi market and alsooperates a user-friendly platform.

To protect users' assets, the exchange has implemented strong security infrastructure including cold storage and multi-signature wallets. Pullix's approach to passive revenue production via its native PLX token is also a key aspect.  

Users can contribute to the liquidity of the exchange platform. They will receive a fixed interest rate ranging from 8% to 18% in exchange. This feature ensures that users have a consistent stream of money. It also enhances the platform's ability to enable market-making. As a result, the PLX token is critical in unlocking the potential for passive income generation.

Luckily, PLX tokens can be purchased at a rate of $0.042 per token. Notably, the presale tokens are limited in quantity. Besides, experts in the DeFi market foresee a potential increase of 580% in the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

The ERC20 tokens – Ripple, Cardano, and Pullix are a must-have for investors, given the bullish predictions for analysts. Traders and crypto enthusiasts looking for a low-priced token with potential can go for Pullix.

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