The $CATCH token pre-sale is live – over $200,000 raised in the first days!

The $CATCH token pre-sale is live – over $200,000 raised in the first days!

After almost a year and a half of active development of the long-awaited mobile game SpaceCatch, the main product has finally arrived – the $CATCH token. The pre-sale of this token is planned in three phases, with the first phase having started yesterday.


The launch proceeded smoothly and on schedule, which is rare in the world of cryptocurrencies where delays and bugs are often witnessed. The SpaceCatch team, however, prepared and tested everything diligently. As a result, hundreds of purchases were made, and the amount collected exceeded $100,000 within an hour.

Currently, after 48 hours, $CATCH tokens worth approximately $200,000 have been sold out. The limit for this first round is $600,000, with the token price set at just $0.06 USD! Thanks to various bonuses, including cashback and NFTs, the first round is an enticing choice for everyone, especially GameFi sector enthusiasts.

SpaceCatch is the first cryptocurrency game to support augmented reality and geolocation, similar to the popular game Pokémon GO. However, from both technical and economic perspectives, SpaceCatch surpasses its non-crypto competitor, Pokémon GO, in every aspect.

The game itself is completely free-to-play, with the mobile application running entirely off-chain. This allows for a traditional gaming experience without the need to confirm on-chain transactions for every small action, which can disrupt the player and spoil the gaming experience. SpaceCatch addresses this issue by creating a "locker" where players can lock their NFTs/tokens and obtain off-chain copies directly in the game.

The game also supports the concepts of play-to-earn and move-to-earn, which are based on deflationary mechanics that ensure the sustainability of these concepts. The $CATCH token does not function as an in-game reward token, significantly reducing inflation in the game and ensuring the sustainability of this unique token.

The game economy is set on a peer-to-peer (p2p) model, and revenue will be generated from microtransactions among other sources. Since the game operates as a fully off-chain free-to-play game, revenue will also be obtained from non-crypto players, which will then be redirected to buyback and burn $CATCH tokens.

Thanks to its balanced game mechanics and tokenomics, $CATCH represents a new generation GameFi token with a long-term perspective, serving as a store of value and success for the SpaceCatch game. It is not merely an inflationary token that experiences short-term hype and then falls back to zero.

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