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METAVERTU2 Officially Launches: Marks the Next Step In the Evolution of AI Phones

METAVERTU2 Officially Launches: Marks the Next Step In the Evolution of AI Phones

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UK luxury smartphone maker VERTU's METAVERTU2 dual-model artificial intelligence (AI) mobile phone makes its grand debut at the Hong Kong FINTECH WEEK.

The innovative smartphone brand VERTU introduced the world's first Web3 smartphone last year – the METAVERTU. This year, VERTU offers a new and improved version combining Web3 technology with AI technology. The METAVERTU is based on VERTU's first generation but with added security and improved capabilities. With ample storage capacities, AI model tagging data, and AI agents taking care of tedious tasks, the  METAVERTU2 is designed to be an AI smartphone, which we may dare to call "The Second Brain".

AI and Web3.0: The Solution to Guarding Against Users Data Privacy Leaks

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology drives humanity into a never-before-seen intelligent era. AI tools such as ChatGPT have widely emerged, and as such, the possibility of information risk leakage during transmission to the cloud becomes a reality that we must face.

Determining how to protect user privacy during transmission has always been challenging. Still, with the advancement of sophisticated technology, it is a threat users have not encountered before.

Through its improved Web3.0 phone METAVERTU2, the company explains that it uses Web3.0 blockchain technology as its security cornerstone and with added dual AI models running in parallel and the combination of large and small models, VERTU has achieved the perfect balance between user experience and privacy protection.

METAVERTU2's large model combines universal rules in various fields based on existing big data, such as pictures and texts, with extensive knowledge and information reserves.

The small model runs locally. This model analyses personal data on the device through individual labelling, such as chat records, lifestyle habits, and work files, to create an interactive model more synchronized with the user's information and has a bespoke language style. 

In 2022, VERTU pioneered the introduction of blockchain technology in the first generation of METAVERTU. The device's unique distributed storage mechanism made the phone extremely secure. The METAVERTU stores data on-chain, making it difficult to steal or hack into.

With Web 3.0 backing the device, small model AI is entirely private, and users do not have to worry about being monitored or data leaking. The dual boost of Web 3.0, in combination with AI models, allows METAVERTU to integrate a global knowledge base with personal information to craft a learned "Second Brain." This "Second Brain" operates on the same frequency as human thought, allowing it to analyze problems from a subjective perspective and conceal thoughts like a biological brain does. 

METAVERTU2 provides users with a genuinely private and personalized AI experience by allowing them to keep their AI butler hidden away from something out of a science fiction movie.

METAVERTU2's AI assistant not only helps users with those tedious tasks but can also help them navigate problems in their personal lives, from small things such as planning family trips and remembering friends' birthdays and choosing gifts, to life's more challenging tasks, such finding that one true soulmate. 

Using METAVERTU2, the user's digital alter ego steps into the chat interface, allowing the AI agent to mimic your communication style and generate tailored "replies." By intertwining a user's real-life personality with their digital alter ego, METAVERTU2 takes the next step in AI socialization.

METAVERTU2 also curates the most suitable virtual romantic partner for each user. This unique feature offers users a space to vent their frustration, making it so that everyone can have a soul mate like Samantha in the movie "Her." This should go without saying, but keep in mind that current technology cannot fully meet all human needs.

VERTU has long been known for its considerate service, and the METAVERTU2 makes no exception. The second generation of this revolutionary device retains concierge services such as a personal assistant button for the convenient one-click switch between humans and AI butlers.

One Machine, Three Systems: Different Fingerprints Explore Different Spaces

VERTU's encrypted system - METASPACE, was upgraded in METAVERTU2. The encryption technology allows users to use different fingerprint locks for different systems. The advanced technology creates separate privacy systems to store private information, crafting one mobile phone with three systems and four WeChats. The device offers convenient and necessary features like one-click destruction and timed restoration, creating a personalized and secure mobile experience. 

TEE+SE Chips and Hardware Encryption for Core Protection

TEE+SE national-level chips serve as the hardware foundation, allowing VERTU to upgrade data backup, encrypted calls, and financial management, among other things.

In addition to the 20+-year-old point-to-point encrypted calls, METAVERTU2's matching point-to-point absolute privacy storage VBOX and its distributed encrypted blockchain private key backup technology KEYBOX ensures information and assets cannot be maliciously modified or stolen while fully resisting hackers. The enhanced safety features allow users to enjoy digital life with freedom and peace of mind. 

Flagship Luxury: Cutting-Edge Configuration Perfectly Integrated with British Luxury Design

VERTU is the leader in smart technology trends but is also known for its exquisite design taste and praise-worthy performance capabilities. Its stellar reputation, combined with the leading Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, supported by the SharpX performance engine, provides unparalleled performance experiences. 

When pushed to its limits, the METAVERTU2 remains calm to ensure smooth screens, while its oversized 4233mm2 synthetic VC enhances heat dissipation so users can fully enjoy high-load applications and games. The combination of a 5100mAh ultra-large-capacity battery and 65W ultra-fast charging allows the device to remain online even with just 5% battery life, supporting six hours on standby or 30 minutes of calls. Gone are the days of battery anxiety!

Haute Couture Technology

Haute Couture inspires METAVERTU2 aesthetic design from London's Savile Row. The finest imported leather materials, similar to that used in the Hermes Birkin bag and 316L surgical stainless steel used for Swiss luxury watches, undergo repeated fine polishing and fine processing to produce a device of the utmost quality. Users may choose MTO advanced customization options with various premium leathers, rare metals and precious gemstones to create a bespoke device that defies luxury.

METAVERTU2 combines powerful technology with luxury design to create a showstopping mobile phone that will have everyone green with envy. Built on the solid foundation of the first generation, METAVERTU2 joins AI technology with decentralized Web3 technologies to produce an intelligent mobile phone that protects user digital sovereignty.

METAVERTU2's launch event will showcase VERTU's latest offering's intellectual expansion, capability upgrades and emotional companionship.

Through METAVERTU2, VERTU pushes the boundaries between users and smart devices to new heights, bringing renewed excitement to the stagnant mobile phone industry.

Perhaps soon, everyone can have their own omnipotent butler in their pocket. 

METAVERTU2 is now available for purchase. Four models are on offer, including carbon fibre and crocodile leather variants, ranging from $5100 to $8100.

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