Bondex: Changing the Recruitment Landscape for Users Benefits

Bondex: Changing the Recruitment Landscape for Users Benefits

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London, United Kingdom, 29th November, 2023. Bondex, the groundbreaking decentralized professional talent network, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Job Portal, marking a paradigm shift in the recruitment landscape. In partnership with some of the biggest names in the space for their first external marketing campaigns, including names like Coinlist and Chainlink, Bondex will be able to become the leading talent platform in Web 3.

The platform introduces an innovative referral reward system, democratizing the hiring process and creating a symbiotic ecosystem where talent, employers, and recruiters converge for mutual benefit and potential financial gains that offers users a new means of gaining passive income. The ongoing campaign with Coinlist for the next three months will give users the potential to boost their airdrop eligibility, giving them the opportunity to receive more financial rewards.

The Bondex platform and app, available on GooglePlay, and the Appstore, has over three million downloads, four million registered users, and a thriving million monthly active users. As a gamified decentralized token-based professional talent network, Bondex incentivizes user participation for career advancement, talent referrals, networking, and skill development. The platform shares the resulting economic value with its participants, creating a decentralized professional network where reputation dictates user participation.

Through an open referral rewards system, Bondex's Job Portal redefines traditional recruitment by providing users with incentives to become recruiters. By leveraging their professional networks, users can profit from hiring companies' bounties. By utilising the combined reach of user networks, this crowdsourced method guarantees the best possible matches between employers and candidates, differentiating Bondex from outdated Web 2 leaders.

About Bondex

Bondex is a decentralized professional talent network and job portal that empowers users to become recruiters, connecting talent with employers through a unique referral rewards system. With a gamified approach and over three million downloads, and four million registered users, Bondex disrupts traditional recruitment models, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem for mutual benefit.


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