Hype Continues To Build For Dogecoin and Everlodge, A Pepe Recovery Is On The Cards

Hype Continues To Build For Dogecoin and  Everlodge, A Pepe Recovery Is On The Cards

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Early in 2023, the crypto market was abuzz with meme coins. Dogecoin and Pepe were two major figures in the meem coin rally. However, there has been a drop-off in the hype surrounding these meme coins. Crypto experts have given their takes on what the future holds for Dogecoin and Pepe. Meanwhile, the hype has shifted to Everlodge, a new project that taps into the trillion-dollar real estate industry.

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Hype Around Dogecoin Increases Amidst X Public Listing

In 2023, Dogecoin (DOGE) struggled, declining by 13% year-to-date. Despite its struggles, there is excitement within the DOGE community for several reasons. Amidst rumors of a potential public listing of X (formerly Twitter), there are talks of Dogecoin playing an important role.

In addition, Elon Musk has hinted at an expansion of the X platform to include a payment network. With his love for Dogecoin, many have suggested that DOGE could become the primary payment currency.

While these rumors are still unconfirmed, crypto analysts have expressed bullish sentiments about Doge. If DOGE gets integrated into X, they have forecasted that the price of Dogecoin could increase more than 10x. Many experts have set a Dogecoin price target of $0.75 from $0.06101.

Is a Pepe Coin (PEPE) Price Recovery Possible?

In the second quarter of the year, Pepe Coin reignited the buzz surrounding meme coins. The price of the Pepe Coin increased by more than 500% in less than three days. However, since rallying to an ATH of $0.00000431 in May, the meme coin has been on a steep decline.

From its ATH, the Pepe Coin price has declined by more than 83%. The price of the token has since dropped to $0.000000716. Many crypto analysts have suggested that the lack of utility within the ecosystem is the reason for the decline. However, is there hope for a Pepe price recovery?

There have been talks of building an ecosystem around Pepe. However, there have been no outlined plans for the development of the said network. Crypto experts have predicted that the development could cause Pepe to rally. However, in the absence of such, the price of the meme coin has been projected to continue its decline.

Everlodge (ELDG) Taps a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Industry

Unlike Pepe and Dogecoin which have lacked utility, the use case of Everlodge has made it an instant success. Everlodge is building the first blockchain marketplace for the global vacation industry. The aim of this marketplace is to make real estate investment accessible to everybody around the world.

The marketplace will give investors the opportunity to co-own luxury villas, hotels, and other properties as NFTs. These NFTs are backed by the actual property, with its price moving in tandem with the market value. Because the NFTs are fractional, the cost of owning a property on the platform will be reduced to $100.

The Everlodge ecosystem also includes a Launchpad. Via the Launchpad, verified real estate developers will pitch their ideas to raise funds for upcoming projects. This will give investors the chance to enter early into the projects and maximize their ROI. Transactions within the Everlodge ecosystem are performed using the ecosystem token, ELDG.

Those who buy Everlodge tokens can stake them to receive rewards. They will also receive free night stays at hotels listed on the Everlodge platform. ELDG is currently in its fourth presale stage and selling at $0.019 per token. As a result of its connection to the real estate industry, crypto experts have predicted a rally to $0.50 by the year’s end.

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