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Discover 30 Best Crypto Projects Dominating in 2023

Discover 30 Best Crypto Projects Dominating in 2023

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The crypto industry had ups and downs in 2023. Despite the significant challenges, the market has been resilient so far with the overall capitalization showing a minor growth. Regulatory control became stricter, enhancing reliability and paving the way for institutional adoption. On a global scale, central banks continued their efforts to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), with countries like China, Hong Kong, and Japan actively participating in this initiative. Moreover, traditional trading venues started listing crypto assets. Specifically, BlackRock is poised to offer Bitcoin ETFs for trading, and several major banks are following suit. So, the mass adoption of crypto is in full swing, and in these circumstances it is crucial to stay well-informed of the current trends. 

The crypto realm is abuzz with innovation and fresh initiatives, with new projects constantly emerging and vying for attention. In such a great majority, the task of finding truly reliable and useful projects becomes increasingly challenging. Some companies have already won recognition, having contributed greatly to the Web3 development and mass adoption. Based on user reviews, reputable ratings, and social media presence, we have prepared a list of 30 most outstanding crypto projects that made a splash in 2023.


OKx is a cutting-edge crypto exchange that leverages blockchain technology for comprehensive trading and investment solutions. It provides an extensive range of crypto products as well as spot, margin, futures, options, perpetual swaps, DeFi, lending, and mining services. OKx makes the top 10 of the biggest exchanges by trading volume, offering hundreds of assets and serving millions of clients worldwide.


TrustWallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet trusted by over 70 million users worldwide. It supports a huge array of digital assets across 70+ blockchains, supporting more than 10 million coins and NFTs. The app is versatile, facilitating buying, selling, swapping, staking, and earning crypto. TrustWallet is a secure crypto storage where users have sole control of their funds.


Starzz is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing comprehensive solutions for active interaction between Champions and their supporters. This all-in-one platform offers monetization options, serves as a marketplace for products and services, and empowers exchange of SRZ native tokens. Athletes, celebrities, or content creators can choose their own ways of connecting with fans while the latter can vote and get rewards for active participation. is a gateway platform providing combined CeFi and DeFi solutions for seamless crypto operations. It stands out as a one-stop venue for buying and swapping crypto, generating passive income from holdings, and accessing liquidity pools. Running from 2017, Choise has garnered the trust of nearly one million active users, facilitating transactions that exceed one billion dollars. 


ECOS is an international investment platform for the best-in-class digital assets and vendor of Bitcoin Mining with its own infrastructure. It provides diversified products for different strategies including Bitcoin Mining, BTC Cloud Mining, Staking, High-Risk trading strategies, and B2B services. Founded in 2017, ECOS serves over 450k customers worldwide, being one of the most trusted companies in the industry.


Worldcoin is an open-source protocol that aims to scale a reliable solution for distinguishing humans from AI while preserving privacy. Its ultimate goal is to create an identity and financial network where everyone has access to the global economy regardless of their country and background. Worldcoin enhances human presence in an AI-driven online environment and extends global economic accessibility.

Outset PR

Outset PR is a heavyweight in Web3 PR and content creation led by Mike Ermolaev, one of the most promising crypto entrepreneurs. With extensive expertise in the field, a network of over 2,400 media partners, and a dedicated team of PR and content professionals, Outset PR emerges as a robust partner in ensuring widespread recognition for its clients.

Noone Wallet

Noone Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet solution that empowers businesses to launch their own secure, branded wallets. Tailored for SAAS providers, dApps, GameFi, and DAO projects, it offers numerous business benefits, including improved user retention, additional monetization channels, increased customer lifetime value, and seamless onboarding. The list of features keeps updated with new offerings announced on Twitter.


ChainGPT is a groundbreaking AI model that tackles specific tasks within the realm of Web3 and blockchain while offering users instant access to knowledge, guidance, or analysis. It provides a vast array of solutions ranging from a chat bot to NFT and Smart Contract generators. ChainGPT is a promising force in the evolution of AI and blockchain technology.

X10 Agency

X10 Agency holds the top position among providers of crypto and NFT marketing services. Running from 2016, they stand behind success of over 200 Web3 enterprises, including famous blockchain and NFT projects, exchanges, wallets, and DeFi protocols. The agency offers comprehensive services such as community building, influencer marketing, tokenomics, PR, and services for AI startups that will unroll in 2023. 


Piratos is a Web3 NFT game with AR and a unique lottery system. It's like Pokémon Go but with crypto-filled chests. While the full release comes in 2024, the game already boasts 1st place on, 85,000 players, and 30,000 social media followers. Importantly, Piratos has eliminated Ponzi concerns, focusing on providing a chance to win rather than guaranteeing income.


BitOK is an all-in-one tool for digital currency tracking, accounting and control. It shines in 2023's top crypto projects with its AML transaction monitoring and blockchain analytics expertise. This innovative company tracks crypto transactions, instantly spotting any suspicious activity, while simplifying accounting and tax reporting. BitOK is a game-changer for enthusiasts and businesses that creates a safer crypto environment. 


EYWA is a decentralized protocol that bridges various blockchains. In collaboration with Curve Finance, EYWA allows projects to go cross-chain and access liquidity across all blockchains through Curve, which solves the challenge of liquidity fragmentation.

After receiving an investment from Curve founder Michael Egorov, EYWA is going to become one of the official bridges for Curve.


StealthEX is a non-custodial crypto exchange offering a choice of over 1,400 assets that can be bought or sold with no limits at the best available rates. It requires no registration and no KYC. Privacy and security of clients is seen as a top priority, so StealthEX handles reliable swaps without obtaining custody of user funds.  


GrizzlyFi is a liquidity aggregator platform that simplifies investing in crypto while reducing risks of impermanent losses. It enables beginners to seize opportunities for earning in the DeFi space without staking. serves as a Liquidity Mining hub by listing the best pools in one place so its investors can generate profits in both bull and bear markets. 


Vault's White Label Banking Solutions allow companies worldwide to offer a complete range of banking products under their own brand. Vault handles the technical aspects, so its customers can concentrate on business growth. Vault's team helps businesses easily create their own branded banking solutions for all their clients' financial needs, with a user-friendly app, web platform, or API integration. is a multi-format digital production studio that works in two directions: digital asset production and product design. For digital, the Curves team creates materials that help brands get noticed online. For products, they work with startups from the idea to scaling phases, doing prototyping, UX/UI, and front-end development. garnishes Web3 products with stand-out design and seamless user experience.


CoinSender is a token management and distribution platform connecting enterprise and Web3 sectors. It uses smart contracts to streamline payroll processes, thus reducing costs and complexities associated with traditional payment methods. CoinSender offers a user-friendly interface, robust security, and advanced payroll management, which makes it an efficient tool for small and medium-sized companies embracing digital currencies.  


AlphaWallet is an open-source self-custodial wallet that supports all Ethereum based networks. With a built-in Web3 browser, the wallet provides access to NFT marketplaces and decentralized apps. AlphaWallet is a fully scalable product meaning that businesses can use it to tokenize various aspects of their operations. Besides, the wallet's open-source approach enhances security through community involvement.


GetBlock is a flexible RPC Node provider that offers access to multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BSC, as well as Optimism and Arbitrum. With GetBlock, crypto app developers can get connected to blockchains via ready-made API endpoints without the need for running their own blockchain nodes. To meet the requirements of various dApps, GetBlock offers free and paid packages.



Coinsbee promotes mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Its e-commerce gift cards serve to buy and pay for many products and services with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other cryptos. With more than 2,500 brands available in over 165 countries, Coinsbee handles easy, fast and secure payments via over 100 different cryptocurrencies, Mastercard, Visa and other payment methods.


KubeCoin is a token for seamless daily transactions, integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday life. In the world of $KUBE, global transactions transcend borders with cutting-edge security measures. Beyond the digital realm, $KUBE becomes a gateway to real-world experiences and serves as a valuable asset, offering a 7.77% APY. Backed by a robust ecosystem, including FlyKube and EatKube, KubeCoin is a powerful token.


Godex is a crypto exchange platform that carries out anonymous and fast swaps at a fixed rate. It stands out as one of the fastest exchange services, with execution time ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. The choice of available coins amounts to over 200, and there are no exchange limits. Godex prioritizes simplicity, speed, and reliability in its service. 

The Collect Button

The Collect Button powered by Cent is a Web3 platform that builds easy connections between creators and their audience. It offers a blockchain-powered embedded widget that turns any digital object into an NFT, thus enabling fans to get verified ownership of original content. The Collect Button is an efficient tool for brands and creators to foster loyal fan engagement.

Qubit Wallet


Qubit wallet is a smart contract wallet created with gamers' needs in mind. It brings simplicity to users, eliminating the need to create a 12-word seed phrase. Instead, the wallet ensures security through multi-sig and social login. Qubit wallet gives gamers complete ownership and authority over their assets, while relieving them from the burden of wallet management.


Launchit is a digital marketing agency founded in 2020 by Arthur Shakurov. The company's services intended mainly for crypto and FinTech startups include public relations, digital advertising, marketing strategy, and SERM. Among its partners and satisfied clients, there are Master Ventures, Gotbit, Relite Finance, and Swapzone. Launchit has excelled in user acquisition and helped many projects grow their user base


Exolix is an instant crypto exchange service offering fixed and floating rates. It requires no registration and has no upper limits on exchange transactions. With the choice of nearly 400 coins, it offers fast and convenient swaps via a web browser or a mobile app. Established in 2018, Exolix has gained recognition for its commitment to privacy and convenience.


Fitmint is an app exchanging sports activities for crypto rewards. It connects users with friends for competition and provides insightful data for smart training. Users pitch in some FITT tokens to join the challenge and get paid for completing their fitness goals. With Fitmint, running turns into a social game, which is fun and engaging for both beginners and marathon enthusiasts.


Capture is a provenance and monetization platform that helps creators turn their digital content into Web3 assets. Its blockchain-driven infrastructure authenticates and tracks digital assets, offering a solution for brands, creators, and companies. In addition, it streamlines monetization through NFTs and prevents copyright infringement. Сapture is a pivotal tool fostering a transparent and secure digital ecosystem.


Martian Wallet 

Martian is a self-custodial wallet for storing, sending, swapping, and bridging assets across Aptos and Sui blockchains. It can be integrated with a Twitter account enabling users to send transactions and mint NFTs with a simple tweet. The wallet also features Portfolio dApp for managing multiple tokens and NFTs. Martian Wallet delivers smooth operations prioritizing user privacy and security.

Follow Up Top Crypto Projects for Seamless Experience 

The thirty projects we have highlighted in this article represent the cutting edge of innovation, and they contributed to the digital landscape development in 2023. Whether you are an investor, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the crypto realm, these enterprises are worth checking out. 

If any of these projects have piqued your interest, the best way to dive deeper into their offerings and stay updated on their progress is by visiting their official websites and following them on social media. Make informed decisions and pick the companies that will make your crypto experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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