Digitalbits Blockchain evolves into XDB CHAIN: A Game-Changing Rebranding Initiative.

Digitalbits Blockchain evolves into XDB CHAIN: A Game-Changing Rebranding Initiative.

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London, UK, October 4th, 2023, Chainwire


Digitalbits Foundation, the lead organization of the Digitalbits blockchain in its path to provide full transparency and decentralization, is proud to unveil to the community a broad transformative rebranding initiative.

As of today, Digitalbits blockchain officially becomes XDB CHAIN, marking a bold enhancement to its core mission to empower its community and all stakeholders into a brand new journey.

As a result of this change, all project assets will be progressively rebranded and the Digitalbits brand will no longer be associated with this blockchain project.

The Digitalbits Foundation is also rebranding into XDB Foundation.

1) The Evolution to XDB CHAIN: A Landmark Achievement: 

In an epoch-defining development, the Digitalbits blockchain has now evolved into XDB CHAIN. This rebranding serves as a pivotal step to the adoption of cutting-edge technology to serve brands and consumers venturing into the metaverse and the broader landscape of decentralized internet (Web3). This is a foundational step for project decentralization, strongly championed by the community.

2) Revolutionary and enhanced Tokenomics: Over recent months, the XDB CHAIN team has been working on elevating the concept of "the blockchain for brands" well beyond the boundaries of a traditional layer 1 project. This innovation-driven journey unveils an avant-garde tokenomics model, underpinned by Branded Cryptocurrency Offerings (BCOs) and a dynamic token burn mechanism strongly tied up with on-chain value generation. The overarching objective is twofold: to enhance XDB CHAIN's adoption within real-world use cases and to enforce a deflationary mechanism for token supply reduction. 

Blockchains, by design, introduce programmable and auditable digital scarcity to avert the spectre of infinite inflation in token supply. XDB CHAIN is steadfast in its commitment to progressively reduce token supply upon XDB CHAIN brand’s adoption. This groundbreaking approach not only elevates the utility of the XDB coin in tandem with on-chain value creation but also simplifies brands and consumers technology adoption to forge previously inconceivable connections. XDB CHAIN stands as the blockchain pioneering catalyst for borderless brand innovation.

It has already previously disclosed that the world's inaugural branded coin minted on XDB CHAIN will be unveiled by 15 October 2023, alongside the participation of novel organizations into the governance structure of XBB CHAIN, fortifying its commitment to an ever-more decentralized future. These exciting developments are unveiled for the XDB CHAIN community today upon the release of the product XDB Atlas (

3) The Inspiration Behind its Name: The name "XDB CHAIN" derives its inspiration from the very genesis of this blockchain - its core coin, XDB. The iconic "X" symbolizes the chromosome X, embodying innate potential for growth, evolution, and diversity. With a subtle tilt, it signifies the dynamic nature of this blockchain, in perpetual adaptation to the evolving needs of brands and users, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to halve the maximum XDB token’ supply over the project's lifecycle.

Daniele Mensi, CEO of XDB Foundation: "I am filled with excitement as I've never experienced before.The former vision where both brands and consumers could thrive through the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology becomes reality. Today, this is no longer a sentence on a whitepaper; it's now a living reality for XDB CHAIN and championed by its amazing community. This makes an historic milestone under this new brand name representing and inspiring everyone supporting it. Stay tuned!"


As XDB CHAIN, the entire project and its community stand poised to propel the blockchain industry into a new era to embrace novel use cases, nurture collaborative communities, and boldly push the boundaries of what technology can achieve. This is just an invitation to join XDB CHAIN on this journey into the future of Blockchain for Brands empowering The Consumers of Tomorrow.

For more information please visit XDB Foundation's: Official Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram



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