Avatr Poised to Disrupt the Recruitment Industry

Avatr Poised to Disrupt the Recruitment Industry

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Avatr is addressing a compelling set up in the employment space. It has massive potential, with a worldwide employment market worth USD$100 trillion, 3.3 billion in workforce, and serviced by a recruitment industry that is USD$700 billion and growing. There is paradigm shift in the expectations of workers who are seeking borderless opportunities and more flexible working arrangements, coupled with employers seeking greater access to broader candidate pools in addressing skills mismatch issues.

The founders have extensive experience in the tech, WEB 3.0, AI, machine learning, and recruitment, among them Mahendra Kulahari, Avatr CEO & CTO who states:

“In engineering an appropriate solution, Avatr has designed a business method that is innovative, exciting, and disruptive. The business solution is patent pending, showcasing a P2P model that allows direct interaction between employers and candidates in an environment that incentivizes and rewards the users of the system, not the traditional middlemen. The rewards system is driven by the creation of Avatrs which are made up of fractionalized NFTs, which has enabled Avatr to Tokenize Talent”.

An Avatr is a digital representation of the creator’s performance. Performance is based on system metrics and counterparty assessments that are 100% visible and immutable. Fractionalized NFTs are community owned and are linked to performance, the greater the performance the better the rewards to the holders and creator. Avatr will empower all workforce participants by providing a platform where the true value of workplace performance can be unlocked to generate substantial reward pools. Like a company that performs well and releases a dividend to its shareholders, Avatr is recognizing individual performance and rewarding those who possess digital ownership of those performers. The community now has the opportunity to access rewards-based performance and generate multiple reward streams. Announcement

Avatr has just announced their official partnership with industry leader for the pre-sale and launch of the MAKO NFT. The inaugural Avatr MAKO NFT will go on sale over 3 rounds starting in November 2023. It is strictly limited to 10,100 which is packed with utility, of most significance is the creation of a path to revenue share and governance rights to the Avatr platform.

Mahendra Kulahari
CEO & CTO, Avatr [email protected] 

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