Google Bard Places Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK), and Everlodge (ELDG) As Best Tokens To Hold in 2023 – Learn Why

Google Bard Places Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK), and Everlodge (ELDG) As Best Tokens To Hold in 2023 – Learn Why

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In the always-moving cryptocurrency market, identifying the tokens with the most promising potential becomes a crucial task for investors. Google Bard, the AI chatbot, has placed Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK), and Everlodge (ELDG) in the spotlight as the best tokens to hold in 2023. Let's dive into the reasons behind these selections and explore what makes them stand out in a highly competitive market.


- Solana demand on the rise as Shopy integrates Solana Pay
- Chainlink price prediction
- Everlodge projected to pump by 30x on its launch day

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Solana (SOL): Rising Demand

Solana (SOL) has captured the crypto community's attention with its exceptional performance in terms of scalability and speed. With its innovative consensus mechanism and unique architecture, Solana has emerged as a platform capable of processing thousands of transactions per second.

Google Bard recognizes the potential for Solana to address the scalability issues that often plague other blockchain networks, making it an attractive option for DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces. Plus, with the Solana news that Shopify has integrated Solana Pay as a payment solution, the SOL demand is rising.

As the crypto space continues to evolve, Solana's ability to handle increased demand could position it for substantial growth. Due to all these reasons, experts remain bullish for the Solana crypto as they foresee its value reaching $29.22 by December 2023.

Chainlink (LINK): A Pioneer

Chainlink (LINK) has established itself as a pioneer in decentralized oracles, enabling smart contracts to interact with real-world data. This critical bridge between blockchain technology and external data sources has paved the way for various applications.

Google Bard's endorsement of Chainlink displays its importance in creating a robust decentralized ecosystem. As industries recognize the potential of blockchain integration, Chainlink's role as a reliable data provider could contribute to its growth.

Therefore, market analysts remain bullish that the Chainlink crypto will soar before the year ends. In fact, they predict that the Chainlink price will even reach $9.12 within Q4 of 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG): Changing the Real Estate Sector

Everlodge (ELDG) has gained attention for its innovative approach to solving real-world challenges within the real estate market. For example, problems like high upfront costs or liquidity will be a thing of the past in Everlodge's property marketplace.

To clarify, Everlodge will build the first-ever property marketplace that combines fractional luxurious property ownership with timeshare and NFT technology. It will accomplish this by digitizing and minting villas, homes, and more into NFTs. Not only that, these NFTs are then fractionalized. Thus, anyone can purchase them partially for prices as low as $100.

Furthermore, the Everlodge Launchpad empowers property developers by letting them raise capital from the Everlodge community for their upcoming projects. Simultaneously, users who participate in these early-stage projects through the Launchpad gain a unique advantage – the opportunity to get in on projects at their inception, maximizing their ROI.

According to Google Bard, the ELDG native token has much more room for growth than Solana and Cardano, thanks to its real-world connections and low market cap. ELDG is now worth only $0.012 as it is in Stage 1 of its presale. But, experts predict that it could surge to $0.035 before its presale ends and a further 30x pump on its launch day.

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