Avalanche Incorporates Arkefi Platform Backed by AllianceBlock

Avalanche Incorporates Arkefi Platform Backed by AllianceBlock


The integration of Arkefi into the Avalanche ecosystem marks a notable integration for those exploring art, cars and collectibles.

The Avalanche ecosystem will incorporate Arkefi, an emergent platform that offers real-world ownership of assets through fractional ownership, seeks to redefine the terrain of real-world asset (RWA) investments. 

Its integration with AllianceBlock's technological infrastructure, known for its expertise in decentralized tokenized markets, looks to provide “an accessible path for both High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and crypto investors to invest in exclusive art, cars and collectibles.” 

Central to Arkefi’s integration is its inaugural luxury collectible focus on Danh Võ, a respected figure in the art industry. Võ, with exhibitions in esteemed locations such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, will allow new customers to see quality and artistic choice on Avalanche.

Arkefi’s approach integrates blockchain and decentralized finance techniques to potentially streamline high-value art and collectible transactions and “unlock liquidity for illiquid and unbankable assets.” The Nexera Protocol, native to Arkefi, tokenizes art pieces into a fractional ownership model. This method, while new, aims to present art investment as a more universally accessible venture.

Matthijs de Vries, chief technology officer and co-founder of AllianceBlock, commented on the collaboration, stating, “By combining our innovative tokenization infrastructure with ARTBANX’s expertise, we're democratizing investment in art and collectibles, making it more equitable, efficient, and accessible for all.”

Arkefi brings Avalanche a method of curation, authentication and preservation, ensuring that only artworks that adhere to stringent standards make the cut. These artworks are securely stored in bonded warehouses in Switzerland to safeguard both the physical and financial value of the assets, tucked safely in the Alpine country.

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