OpenSea NFT Community Could Jump Ship to Here's Why

OpenSea NFT Community Could Jump Ship to Here's Why

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OpenSea is still the biggest NFT marketplace, but there are new players and competitors that offer things that Opensea doesn’t. One example is an upcoming project called Everlodge, which allows people to buy NFTs that represent a share in luxury holiday projects. Here I’ll explore both of them and the potential for the future.

Join the Everlodge presale and win a luxury holiday to the Maldives

OpenSea is behind the times with Real World Assets NFTs

Founded in 2017, OpenSea is a grandaddy of Web3 at this point, given the speed at which blockchain technology progresses. With over 40 million NFTs for sale its the best place to find everything and anything, but not necessarily to find something truly special.

Many customers are using Nifty or SuperRare to find truly special NFTs, and Blur, a newer market entrant. In May 2023, Blur emerged as the dominant NFT marketplace with an impressive 65% market share and $442 million in sales. They disrupted the market with their zero royalty fee platform and customer loyalty rewards. Meanwhile, OpenSea, once a heavyweight, struggled to keep up with Blur's disruptive approach. They eventually followed suit by offering zero royalty fees after experiencing traffic loss to Blur.

However even Blur’s success versus Opensea may be more to do with the fact that Blur incentivised people to do wash trading in order to receive Blur tokens.

PFPs and in game NFTs have lost a lot of popularity and value this year, with industry experts turning towards tokenisation of financial products and also Real World Assets (RWA) such as property and art, and social projects.  Since Opensea and Blur focuses mainly on the former types of NFTs, they arent keeping on trend with NFT options. Everlodge on the other hand, is part of a wider trend where NFTs have real use cases and tokenise RWA.

What Everlodge has to offer over Opensea in terms of NFTs and value

Everlodge provides the chance for people to make money in property, using NFTs. Luxury villas and holiday homes are fractionalised on the blockchain, with deeds in the metadata, and then sold in fractions to users.

As property tends to go up, there is a good chance that the NFTs rise in value, as the properties do.  But there’s more ways to make money from Everlodge.  One of the ways is to buy into their presale of their native token ELDG.

Holders will get staking benefits with an APR of 10%, discounts in the Everlodge NFT marketplace, and lower fees on property maintenance costs.  Holders can also provide liquidity and receive an APY for that. Owning an NFT also brings advantages since you get a timeshare in one of these luxury places.  But for those who want to skip that they can then rent out their timeshare for extra income.

Big players like Avalanche, Solana and Polygon are also just getting involved in the RWA tokenization space, showing how much room for growth there is in the industry. Boston Consulting Group predict that the space will be worth $16 trillion by 2030. Binacnce believe the figure is much higher due to the value of the total global asset market.

ELDG is currently on offer for $0.01 and 40 million will be available at that price. That’s bullish considering that 480 million tokens will be offered in the presale. This means that now is a great chance to get in, before the price increases.  The token will launch for $0.035, and is expected to do around a 3000% after it goes live on Uniswap and certain CEXes.

Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale




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