New Crypto Breakthrough in Amsterdam and Political Support for Bitcoin

New Crypto Breakthrough in Amsterdam and Political Support for Bitcoin

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It is not every day that interesting events or conferences are held in the crypto market, and therefore it is especially important to talk about them. To ensure that all interested parties receive the necessary information in a timely manner. That is why I would like to announce a groundbreakingevent this fall - the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference on October 12-14 in the capital of the Netherlands.

Recognizing the importance and significance of the event, the media partner of the event will be the well-known Bitcoin Magazine, whose Ukrainian franchise I am developing. Our readers will receive prompt information about the conference, its participants, and the topics discussed. I have no doubt that it will be interesting and professional, as always with Bitcoin Magazine.

We will see a lot of interesting speakers who, I am sure, will be able to attract both professionals and those who are just discovering the crypto market. The event is expected to feature speeches by Blockstream co-founder and CEO Adam Beck, Paxful CEO Ray Youssef, Bitrefill CEO Sergey Kotlyar, White Rock Management CEO Andy Long, and even Prince Filip Karageorgovich of Serbia. Of course, this is not a complete list, and there will be many authoritative and interesting personalities.

I think that especially those present will be interested in the founder of the Bitcoin fraction and member of the Libertarian Party of the Netherlands Tom van Lamoyen, who has already confirmed his participation on his page in X (former Twitter). In the parliament of his country, he deals with issues of economy, finance, taxation and supports the development of the crypto market, and he is considered a serious crypto activist. 

“Bitcoin is digital libertarianism,” Lamoyen stresses.

The Libertaire Partij (LP) is not a newcomer to politics (it has been in existence for 30 years) and advocates clear values that it articulates: to create "a free world, a world in which no one is forced to sacrifice his life or property for the benefit of others". In 2014, the LP became the first political party in the Netherlands to adopt and support Bitcoin. I am sure that Tom van Lamoyen will share with the participants of Bitcoin Amsterdam interesting experience and ideas for the future.

There is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies in Europe, especially in the Netherlands. In 2023, CoinGecko analysts conducted an interesting survey and published a rating of the European states that are most interested in digital assets. The Netherlands, which accounted for 7.3% of such interest, ranked second after the United Kingdom. Analysts reported that most often the Dutch choose such coins - Fuse, Bone ShibaSwap and Cellframe

In this country, full legalization of crypto has not yet passed, but the Central Bank of the Netherlands (DNB) has already issued work permits to 36 crypto companies. Last month, for example, it was received by, and before that – Coinbase Europe, eToro, Bitstamp.

In the Netherlands, crypto activists are very strong, and we see the results of their work. There are very interesting projects. For example, last year it became known about a giant greenhouse near Rotterdam, which is heated by the heat emitted in the process of mining Bitcoin - it does not go to waste, as in other farms. Mining servers are powered by solar panels on the roof. The result is a carbon-neutral operation that performs an important environmental function and allows you to reduce costs. The initiative is called Bitcoin Bloem, and I’m sure it will inspire many to other interesting projects.

I think Tom van Lamoyen will be able to share his experiences and talk about other initiatives in his country and abroad. It is not only pleasant, but also very useful when politicians are interested in the crypto market and try to help its development. There are more and more examples of this around the world.

In particular, Daniel Rish, Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Liechtenstein, has repeatedly stated the need for full legalization of Bitcoin in his country, and promised that cryptocurrency will be used to pay for public services. He also allowed investing in Bitcoin part of the foreign currency reserve of the state, which now amounts to 2.2 billion Swiss francs (2.5-year state budget of Liechtenstein).

In Poland, for example, Yaroslav Gowin from the center-right Accord party, formerly known as Poland Together, is a fan of cryptocurrencies. It was part of the ruling coalition United Right from 2015 to 2021. For most of this period, Gowin was Deputy Prime Minister as well as a member of parliament, and emphasized the potential of cryptocurrency and other financial innovations.

We should not forget about the American Cynthia Loummis– a US Senator from Wyoming, with whom I had the honour to discuss the prospects for the industry development and who has long supported the idea of cryptocurrencies. She bought her first Bitcoin back in 2013. Many times, shesupported laws expanding the use of cryptocurrency in the United States and two years ago, shelaunched the Senate Financial Innovation Group. Now, she is member of the Senate Banking Committee.

A few days ago, from the report of the Office of Government Ethics it became known that her epic Republican colleague and ex-president of the United States Donald Trump keeps up to $500 thousand in Ethereum wallet.

Earlier, the media reported that Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (nephew of the 35th American president) bought 14 bitcoins for his children — 2 each. He is a very progressive politician, whom many openly call a crypto activist after his impressive speech at the crypto conference in Miami in May 2023 at The Miami Beach Convention Center. Kennedy publicly called Bitcoin a hard currency and put it on a par with silver, gold, and platinum, noting that it is able to support the US dollar, and open a new stage of financial stability of the world and prosperity of the country.

The support of politicians is very important, as it contributes to the development of the crypto market and its widespread legalization. I think Robert F. Kennedy will be right, and eventually this support will help save the classical financial market as well.

Serhiy Tron is an investor and the founder of White Rock Management.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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