‘Miners should maximize their returns’: Top-5 solutions from Leading Mining Pool emcd.

‘Miners should maximize their returns’: Top-5 solutions from Leading Mining Pool emcd.

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One of the top-10 mining pools offers a comprehensive solution to crises that cryptocurrency miners face in 2023: emcd. Cyberbank — a cyberbank with a package of services that help miners make more without ‘additional costs’.

Mining in 2023, with operational costs’ growth and a long cryptowinter, is becoming less and less profitable for miners. But one of the largest pools in the world has a solution: launching its own ecosystem aimed specifically at miners and other cryptocurrency users. The cyberbank from the leading pool offers users services from friendly commission-free withdrawal tools to investment tools with up to 12% per annum to raise mining profits.

‘Miners should make more money, and we know how to make it happen. We’re launching a neobank where miners will be able to fully manage their assets in a single app, without additional commissions and other costs.’

 — emcd. team

Top-5 Solutions from emcd.

Mining on asics and videocards is no longer the ‘wild west’ it was at the dawn of crypto. Without pools and growing ecosystems it’s harder and harder for miners to manage assets and wait until investments and huge operational costs pay off.

Who are emcd.?

In 5 years, emcd. made the journey from a small startup to a major pool that made it to the top-10 BTC mining pools in the world. 270,000 miners from 120 countries already use the platform.

emcd. decided to choose a comprehensive approach to miners’ issues, with a whole set of services for digital asset management. And even though mining always involves costs nobody can single-handedly control, emcd. is cutting additional operational costs that hit miners with 5 easy solutions.

One of the lowest comissions on the market

How did a start-up make it to the top-10 BTC mining pools in the world? Easy — the service has a fixed commission rate of 5%. Hardly any pool in the world is ready to offer its miners to take away 98.5% of their rewards, but emcd. are playing the long game on the market (and so far, judging by volumes and users, they’re making the right call).

Secure and user-friendly wallet

Everything a miner makes goes to an internal wallet that is actually easy to use. Without shelling out extra commissions for transfers, users can convert currencies and withdraw money directly to their cards directly in the emcd. app. Moreover, there’s no minimal withdrawal amount, which is usually the case for platforms like this — if you want to withdraw each dollar one by one, nobody’s stopping you. 

A native P2P platform

One of the biggest headaches miners have is withdrawing their rewards to fiat. And P2P exchanges remain one of the most popular solutions — even people who still haven’t heard of mining in 2023 know how to use them. emcd. Isn’t asking miners to ditch their long-trusted tool in favor of the built-in withdrawal features in the wallet, instead, they offer their own P2P platform, once again helping miners bypass unnecessary transfer commissions.

12% per annum on your balance

Mining as a source of income is inevitably tied to issues in the rest of the economy, including unpredictable inflation, especially in regions where mining is an affordable additional income source. To make sure miners’ profits don’t devalue because of economic fluctuations, emcd. offers its own investment tools with rates better than any bank — 12% per annum. 

Live support

No bots — only actual humans who respond in approximately 15 minutes 24/7. Don’t waste time searching for the code phrase that will finally get you to an operator, only to refresh the chat page for hours waiting for a response to urgent questions about your own assets. 

Will there be mining in 2023?

And more importantly, is mining profitable in 2023, and what will happen with Bitcoin mining after Bitcoin halving? emcd. has answers for experts and newbies alike. The platform’s official Telegram offers all the current updates and news, reviews, and even cryptocurrency mining guides for newbies. Following the project’s progress!

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