MensAi AI Trading Bot Released: "Artificial Intelligence to Completely Replace Traders"

MensAi AI Trading Bot Released: "Artificial Intelligence to Completely Replace Traders"

Utilizing AI with no preset prices to place orders at the optimal price is the point.

- AI's capabilities will shine through considering factors like information processing time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading specialist, "MensAi," is gaining attention for introducing a new paradigm in the trading field.

With the recent launch of the AI trading bot called "MensAi Bot," there is a growing

expectation that AI will completely replace traders in the securities and cryptocurrency markets.

MensAi is an automatic Ai trading bot that was first released on the global cryptocurrency exchange "OKX Exchange". Notably, it is based on raw data from OKX Exchange and has undergone AI training led by a group of experts from global corporations.

The program specializes in portfolio tracking, management, and trade performance analysis.

Its merit lies in its ability to autonomously select coins, expanding its capabilities beyond conventional trading bots. Furthermore, MensAi Bot's key feature is its expertise in machine learning AI for perpetual swaps, enabling it to perform both long and short trades. Its strength lies in conservative asset management, ensuring profitability while safeguarding investors' assets. As a result, it has been highly regarded as a valuable bot for novice investors.

MensAi Bot performs specialized functions based on the vast big data of the exchange, including backtesting and paper trading using indicators and tools.

MensAi emphasized the increasing role of AI in the virtual asset investment sector with the launch of MensAi Bot. As traditional trading bot functions, which were previously limited to use by a few financial institutions and experts, continue to advance, there has been a recent increase in the utilization by individual investors.

An official from MensAi stated,

"Unlike conventional programs that automatically buy and

sell at specific preset prices, AI has no predefined prices."

They added, "The key is for AI to capture real-time fluctuations in the stocks or coins that need to be traded and place orders when it determines the optimal price." In essence, AI-based trading involves no preset prices and continually monitors market fluctuations to maximize investor convenience by placing orders at the best price or profit potential.

MensAi highlighted that even beginners can benefit from the trading bot, which repeatedly executes buy and sell actions based on familiar and well-known indicators.

Representative indicators include MACD (Moving Average Convergence and Divergence),moving averages used for predicting stock prices, the golden cross known as a bullish signal, RSI (Relative Strength Index), and the volatility indicator, Bollinger Bands.

Additionally, MensAi backed its claims with actual performance cases, stating that AI trading bots outperformed conventional programs.

It asserted that, over the long term, the difference in profits can reach as high as 5 to 13

basis points (bps), which translates to significant amounts due to the large order volume in real performance.

Regarding the potential of AI, a MensAi representative stated,

"Ultimately, AI is highly likely

to surpass human capabilities in finding patterns in data and identifying trading opportunities.

However, while humans will still be needed for decision-making in new environments or

understanding the context of information, AI is already making a difference when considering

factors like information processing time."

They added, "Though individual trader performance may vary, comparing human and AI trading skills are incomparable. It's similar to the situation when cars were invented, but some people still continued using horse-drawn carriages."

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