LBank Labs Summer Bootcamp Concludes a Successful Global Competition in Collaboration with Top University Blockchain Clubs

LBank Labs Summer Bootcamp Concludes a Successful Global Competition in Collaboration with Top University Blockchain Clubs

San Francisco, USA, August 2nd, 2023, Chainwire

LBank Labs Summer Bootcamp is proud to announce the successful completion of its competition, bringing together the brightest minds from esteemed University Blockchain Clubs worldwide. LBank Labs, a leading player in the web3 space with a $100AUM fund launched at the end of 2022, hosted the competition to foster innovation and drive collaboration among students in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

With a diverse pool of participants from various universities and regions, LBank Labs showcased its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting cutting-edge developments in the blockchain ecosystem. Leveraging its experienced team of web3 veterans hailing from prestigious entities such as Binance Labs, Binance NFT, Bitmain, Huobi Listing teams, and Consensys, LBank Labs has built an extensive network of expertise and connections that go beyond specific protocols and exchanges.

The summer bootcamp's investment strategy focuses on fund-of-fund investments, direct investments in early-stage projects, and liquid projects, enabling exploration of diverse opportunities in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. The program has already made significant strides in setting a high standard of excellence by collaborating with top educational institutions and promising innovators worldwide.

The competition, which was launched over three months ago, garnered an overwhelming response, with more than 70+ teams submitting their projects for a chance to win an exclusive trip of a lifetime to Cabo San Lucas. The prize included coveted mentorship opportunities from some of the most esteemed crypto funds in the world, including Generative Ventures, BAI Capital, Youbi Capital, Stake Capital, and Web3 Ventures, among others.

The participating student teams hailed from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Duke, Stanford, Cornell, UPenn, Imperial College of London, Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Istanbul Technical University, Tokyo University, HSG St. Gallen in Switzerland, Goethe University Germany, and many more, representing a global spectrum of talent and creativity.

The winning student teams were meticulously selected by LBank Labs' senior researchers, who possess extensive expertise in cryptography, token design, decentralized computing, and infrastructure. The quality of submissions was exceptional, reflecting the program's ability to attract top-notch projects and minds eager to make a significant impact in the blockchain industry.

"We are thrilled with the remarkable response and the exceptional talent that participated in our Summer Bootcamp competition," said Valeria Kholostenko, Principal at LBank Labs. "It is inspiring to witness the passion and innovation that these young minds bring to the table. As LBank Labs, we remain dedicated to empowering the next generation of blockchain leaders and supporting groundbreaking projects that will shape the future of the web3 ecosystem."

LBank Labs Summer Bootcamp 2023 Winning Teams: 

  1. Lila Finance, Carnegie Mellon University. Fixed income DeFi Markets saving, lending, and market making.
  2. AminoChain, Columbia University. AminoChain is a platform that provides integrated & seamless Web 3.0 capabilities to Biobanks & Medical Research Bodies. 
  3. Zcaptcha, Columbia University. ZKaptcha makes novel use of zero-knowledge cryptography and AI to generate powerful primitives to generate user interactions, empowering protocols and dApps to confidently onboard new users and thrive in the decentralized landscape. 
  4. Crossify, Istanbul Technical University, Payment gateway that simplifies the complexities of crypto payments for both buyers and sellers.
  5. Headquarters, Singapore Management University. Unified dashboard for Web3 founders to get visibility and control over their treasury. 
  6. Hinkal, Stanford. Embedded privacy of on-chain assets and transactions.
  7. VPN3, Stanford. AI-Powered Decentralized VPN3 
  8. 0xblu, Stanford. Smart Wallet for Web3 powered by ERC 4337. 
  9. Mexiverse, Universidad Panamericana. Indigenous art enhanced with NFTs.
  10. Crecy, National Autonomous University of Mexico.Crecy is the first crypto-backed credit card in LATAM
  11. Kryptik, Carnegie Mellon University. Kryptik is an open-source wallet for the decentralized web 
  12. Cashstream. Dartmouth College. CashStream is a blockchain-based solution for initiating recurring SaaS payments, paid out by the second. 
  13. XLetter, Ewha Womans University, Yonsei University, Sungkyunkwan University. 
  14. WalletZK, Leiden and Hanse University, Groningen, Netherlands. The First Smart Contract Wallet on Mina Protocol. 
  15. Nodekit, University of Wisconsin.Building the Next Generation of Rollups 
  16. Aegis Protocol, Harvard University, MIT, Duke University. Aegis is a decentralized consumer protection layer for blockchain transactions. 

Teams will be joined by mentors and leads from LBank Labs in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

About LBank Labs

LBank Labs is a prominent player in the web3 space, managing a versatile $100 Million fund that extends beyond specific protocols and exchanges. The firm's team comprises experienced web3 veterans from renowned entities such as Binance Labs, Binance NFT, Bitmain, Huobi Listing teams, and Consensys. With a focus on fund of fund investments, direct investments in early-stage projects, and liquid projects, LBank Labs aims to explore diverse opportunities and drive innovation in the blockchain industry.

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