Coca-Cola Unveils New Masterpiece NFTs on Base Blockchain

Coca-Cola Unveils New Masterpiece NFTs on Base Blockchain

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Coca-Cola has launched its new exclusive NFT collection on Coinbase’s Layer-2 network during the “Onchain Summer” festival.

Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece Campaign

On Sunday, August 13, one of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world, Coca-Cola, revealed its new non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection on Coinbase’s Layer-2 blockchain called “Base”.

The collection is a part of Coca-Cola's global “Masterpiece” campaign which was partially created by the brand’s AI platform known as “Real Magic”.

“‘Masterpiece’ is not a story in which Coke appears… Coke is the story,” commented Pratik Thakar, Global Head of Creative Strategy and Integrated Content for Coca‑Cola. “True to the spirit of the brand—and not unlike the way a synchronized supply chain collaborates to seamlessly deliver ice-cold Coca‑Cola to consumers at just the right time—a diverse collection of artwork spanning multiple genres, geographies and generations comes together to uplift a slumping teenager. Creating human connection and bringing enchantment to everyday moments is what ‘Real Magic’ is all about.”

The Masterpiece NFT collection showcases the artwork featured in the brand’s campaign, including Andy Warhol’s iconic 1962 Coca‑Cola painting, classical pieces of timeless artists such as Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring,”, as well as works of emerging artists such as Aket, Fatma Ramadan, and Vikram Kushwah.

Coinbase’s Onchain Summer

Coca-Cola’s new NFT collection has been offered for a limited time and presented as a part of the Coinbase’s Onchain Summer event:

“@CocaCola is bringing their Global Masterpiece campaign onchain with iconic works from leading artists,” Coinbase announced on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Onchain Summer is Coinbase's month-long celebration of its Layer-2 Blochcian Base which became available to the general public on August 9. Each day, the festival offers numerous onchain mints, stories, and activities related to art, culture, music, gaming, and more. Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most recognizable brand presented on the list of Base’s partners so far.

Coca-Cola and NFTs

This is not the first time the world-renowned soft drinks brand has ventured into the NFT space. Back in 2021, Coca-Cola auctioned off exclusive NFT collectibles with the aim of raising funds for Special Olympics International. At that time, the first Coca-Cola’s NFT loot box was sold as a single asset for over $575,000

Coca-Cola’s engagement with NFTs is meaningful for the whole cryptocurrency industry. As one of the largest global consumer brands, Coca-Cola could introduce many of its customers to the world of digital art and Web3. Besides, the beverage giant will likely play a big role in promoting Coinbase’s Layer-2 network Base.

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