Will WERX Outrank TRX In The Cryptocurrency Market?

Will WERX Outrank TRX In The Cryptocurrency Market?

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The series of SEC suits against crypto exchanges has sent shockwaves throughout the coin market, causing many projects to decline in value. Projects like Tron (TRX) are experiencing a reduction in new investors.

However, the new project Uwerx seems unfazed by the chaos and has become a ray of hope for investors seeking gains. This article discusses its features and how it aims to outperform Tron (TRX) before the end of this year.


Tron (TRX) Fails To Record Gains

The past 24 hours have not favored Tron (TRX). The project is on a bearish trend, declining by 0.81% in the last 24hrs. Tron (TRX) trades at $0.069, representing a 1.95% decrease in the past seven days. Tron (TRX) holders are optimistic about the coin's future even though analysts believe the project does not show signs of being a lucrative short-term investment. Analysts have predicted Tron (TRX) to trade at $0.12 in 2024, yet they believe the recent SEC lawsuit could threaten this prediction.

Arkham Platform Joins The Tron (TRX) Network

TRON (TRX) is a decentralized blockchain-based system created to give content creators full ownership rights to their content. Tron (TRX) entered the top 10 crypto ranking on June 9, 2023. This marked a significant milestone for the project.

The project announced on June 13 that the daily active accounts on its network had surpassed 4.55 million, marking a record high from the start of the year.

Following this, Tron (TRX) formed a strategic partnership with DWF Labs. The partnership will see DWF Labs become a liquidity provider for Tron (TRX).

On June 19, 2023, Tron (TRX) announced that Arkham, the pioneering platform for "Total Crypto Intelligence," has been integrated into the Tron (TRX) network. This collaboration is a significant milestone for Arkham, as it aims to provide comprehensive blockchain insights across multiple blockchains. For Arkham users, the partnership will give them access to the activities of wallets in the Tron (TRX) ecosystem.

That same day, Tron (TRX) Celebrated its fifth Independence Day Anniversary. The project also partnered with TaskOn to share a 2000 USDD prize pool. Despite Tron's (TRX) impressive partnership, analysts believe Uwerx offers more profit potential. Let's check out why.


Uwerx (WERX) Continues To Rise

At 18:00 UTC later today, the tokens' price will undergo an increase from $0.05245 to $0.0564, and buyers will also enjoy a generous 15% bonus. It also offers a 15% purchase bonus, making investors troop to the project. As more investors flooded the presale, the project’s developers increased the tokens available for presale to 57%. This left 427.5 million tokens out of the 750 million total supply. They also bumped the launch price to $0.095 - $0.115.

This unparalleled presale success was made possible by the agile methodology approach used by the developers, which allowed them to unveil the project in stages while improving it with each new release.

Why Investors And Freelancers Favor Uwerx (WERX)

Many traders agree that the future of the world market will lie with the freelance sector. This thought is influenced by the reports from Velocity Global stating that 59% of freelancers believe they make more from freelancing than they would in a traditional role. In that light, Uwerx is coming to fuse blockchain technology with freelancing and thus improve the industry. Uwerx(WERX) aims to best big players like Upwork and Fiverr by offering fast-track transactions, security, a 1% fee, and more.

The project's team saw that the platform promoted transparency and security. They passed the project through audit approvals and authentication from SolidProof and InterFi Network before the presale. They plan to relinquish ownership of all smart contracts, which will occur when the project joins centralized exchanges. On top of that, on June 7, 2023, they set a nine-month liquidity lock on their share of WERX tokens.

This date was decided after 82.8% of community members voted for it to be locked during the presale instead of the earlier proposed date. The team also agreed to a test airdrop after 98.2% of voters wanted it. The team believes the airdrop will serve as an excellent way for users to be sure their receiving wallet addresses are right. These polls underscore the team's commitment to promoting community-centricity.

In another community-centric move, the team cut down their token allocation to just 7%, offering users more opportunities to join and earn from the project. The team also introduced a new feature called the Uwerx Vault, which offers users a place to earn rewards by saving their tokens for a desired period.

The Alpha version of Uwerx has launched with a Signup, Landing, Forgot Password, Sign In, Client Initiation, and Freelancer pages. The version also has the Initial Step of Finding Talent page,  Job Creation Process, Initial Step of Job Creation, Hiring Dashboard, and My Activity Pages. 

Based on user feedback on the Alpha version, the development team has made several enhancements by adding or redesigning pages such as Application Boosting, Settings, Milestones, Freelancer Profile Creation, and Job Application Pages. They also condensed the freelancer application page into a single page. They plan to focus on enhancing other sections, including the Tools, Freelancer Dashboard, and Client Dashboard.

Meanwhile, the team will launch the Beta version soon so that users can interact with it. Users are urged to continue sending recommendations and suggestions to the team's dedicated email, [email protected].

Analysts speculate that Uwerx (WERX) could become a prominent crypto asset, trading above $2.5 by Q4 2023. This means that it will bring more returns for investors than Tron (TRX) before the end of the year. So now is the perfect time to get into the project's presale.

For further details on how to buy the project and earn a 15% purchase bonus, kindly follow the links below before 18:00 UTC:





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