Vitalik to Headline Ethereum Foundation’s Dev-Focused Ethcon Korea 2023 in Seoul this September

Vitalik to Headline Ethereum Foundation’s Dev-Focused Ethcon Korea 2023 in Seoul this September

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 18th, 2023, Chainwire

Ethcon Korea 2023 is a highly anticipated Ethereum Developer Conference sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation, returning this year to provide an idea sharing space for Ethereum developer talent.

The headline guest for Ethcon 2023 is Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, who will appear with a keynote address highlighting the latest in Ethereum development updates, as well as the future roadmap of the project.

The Ethereum Foundation has been supporting Ethcon since its first edition in 2019, recognizing the importance of diffusing knowledge in the developer community. Due to the non-commercial nature of the event, the Foundation’s support is critical to maintaining Ethcon as the premier developer conference in Korea, which is fully volunteer-driven, with local community members dedicating their time pro-bono to organize and run the event. 

Spanning three days from September 1 to September 3, 2023, it immediately precedes the anticipated Korea Blockchain Week 2023, a Web3 conference organized by FactBlock and Hashed, running from September 4 to September 10.

As a developer-focused conference, Ethcon Korea  2023 will primarily feature developers from across the globe and local to South Korea, who will show insightful research results and innovative projects to benefit Ethereum and the Web3 space as a whole.

The event will run alongside an exciting three-day hackathon, which will bring together developer talent to work on interesting new projects and research, which they will then have the opportunity to present at a live-streamed demo day at the event’s close.

True to the community spirit, the Hackathon will use Quadratic Funding, a democratic public good funding and evaluation method, conceptualized by Vitalik and first pioneered in practice by Gitcoin. Quadratic Funding is a weighted voting and resource allocation method, which will combine votes from judges, sponsors and attendees to participate in the selection based on their contribution. Quadratic Funding is designed to combine community support for new ideas with the interests of larger contributors in a synergistic process. 

Ethcon Korea is accepting submissions for proposals and talks until July 18, aiming to foster a diverse background of active researchers and lesser known developers, with the key goal of sharing useful experiences with each other.

The event will be held at Platz2 (플라츠2) in Seoul, a cozy and spacious co-working space in the middle of Seoul.

About Ethcon Korea 2023

Ethcon is an annual developer-focused conference and hackathon held in Seoul, South Korea. As the largest developer event in the country, it brings together global and local talent to discuss exciting new research and development in the Ethereum ecosystem. For more information, please visit the official website at

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