Telescope Labs Launches GPT-4 Powered Plugin For Web 3 Games

Telescope Labs Launches GPT-4 Powered Plugin For Web 3 Games

The plugin provides companies and startups with advanced data insights and analysis on Web 3 games. 

Telescope Labs, a Web 3 data analytics startup, announced the launch of a GPT-4-based advanced plugin that provides insights and analysis on Web 3 games and a grading system for these games. The tool leverages artificial intelligence to find key data points and actionable insights from assessing thousands of Web 3 games.

Unveiled Tuesday, the tool aims to provide useful data and insights to users to select the best Web 3 games from the sea of games in the market today. Telescope Labs provides data insights tailored for Web 3 gaming platforms. The platform provides data solutions by leveraging novel AI-powered solutions to help companies and startups achieve sustainability in their virtual economies. 

Hailing the launch as a “game-changer” in Web 3 gaming, Semih Gilan, CEO and Co-Founder of Telescope Labs, said he hopes to see the tool become the go-to solution in enhancing gaming and providing useful information that can be used to make smarter economic decisions.

“We're thrilled to bring this advanced tool to the market,” Gilan further added. “The plugin's blend of voluminous and varied data, sophisticated reasoning, user-friendliness, and real-time responsiveness is a game-changer for web3 gaming and blockchain.”

At launch, the tool allows users to analyze and grade over 2,000 Web 3 games using the plugin and access 37 distinct key performance metrics optimized for blockchain games. Adding to the plugin’s advanced GPT4 reasoning capabilities, the tool also enables users to perform daily analysis, compare the growth trajectories of different games, and forecast future trends with remarkable precision.

The growing Web 3 gaming market has kicked up the need for trustless, user-friendly and advanced data analysis tools within the industry. The launch of Telescope Lab’s GPT plugin is expected to revolutionize the development of gaming, “significantly advancing the understanding of web3 gaming and blockchain game analysis”, the press release from Telescope Labs concludes. 

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