DEX Top Performer Token $TET to be Listed on MEXC Exchange on July 18th, 3 pm UTC

DEX Top Performer Token $TET to be Listed on MEXC Exchange on July 18th, 3 pm UTC

Mahe, Seychelles – We are thrilled to announce that $TET, the top-performing token on Uniswap, will be listed on the esteemed MEXC Exchange. This listing represents a significant milestone for the Tectum project and opens up exciting opportunities for investors and traders worldwide.

The listing on MEXC Exchange is scheduled to take place on July 18th at 3 pm UTC. MEXC Exchange is renowned for its robust trading infrastructure, high liquidity, and a wide range of trading pairs. With this strategic move, $TET aims to provide its community with enhanced trading capabilities and a seamless trading experience.

TET has garnered significant attention in the DEX space due to its exceptional performance on Uniswap, innovative features of the SoftNote, and strong community support. The token's consistent growth and positive market sentiment make it an attractive asset for investors seeking a token with long-term global utility.

By listing on MEXC Exchange, TET gains exposure to a vast network of traders, institutional investors, and crypto enthusiasts. This increased visibility and accessibility will contribute to the further expansion of the $TET ecosystem and its adoption within the broader crypto community.

The $TET team has been working diligently to ensure a smooth listing process on MEXC Exchange. They are committed to providing ongoing support and maintaining transparent communication channels with the community throughout this exciting phase.

For more information about TET and the upcoming listing on MEXC Exchange, please visit the official website, Stay tuned for further updates on social media channels, including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

About Tectum:

From the Cybersecurity company CrispMind, The Tectum SoftNote is the ultimate Bitcoin/Crypto Layer 2 solution that overcomes the pitfalls of the lightning network. It is built on the Layer 1 Blockchain, Tectum, which is the fastest blockchain in the world and transacts at 1.3 million TPS! With SoftNote, users can enjoy instant, trustless, anonymous, and decentralized crypto payments for free. With a strong community backing and a commitment to innovation, $TET aims to shape the future of the cryptopayments for private and retail transactions and revolutionize the blockchain industry.

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