Chiliz 2024 Price Prediction: Uwerx Sees Over A 100% Surge

Chiliz 2024 Price Prediction: Uwerx Sees Over A 100% Surge

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With thousands of cryptos in the dip, finding tokens that will deliver gains in the short and long term has become a hassle. However, recent analyses have pointed to Uwerx, a new crypto that has defied market odds with its presale and bullish token surpassing expectations.

The WERX token has witnessed over a 100% surge due to its utility, with analysts predicting that WERX, which started at $0.005, could reach $1 by Q1 of 2024.

This article will give deeper insights into what makes Uwerx unique, its presale, and the 2024 price predictions for Chiliz (CHZ).


Chiliz (CHZ) 2024 Predictions As It Gains Bullish Sentiments

Chiliz (CHZ) was recently listed as a security by the SEC. This action which took a huge toll on many cryptos seems to have not had much effect on Chiliz (CHZ), as evidenced in its token’s recent performance. Chiliz (CHZ) has continued trending, recording above 17% increase in the past week.

This is quite surprising as the token has been in the red for over two months before the SEC’s action. Hence, the recent traction is bewildering.

Chiliz (CHZ) continues to display strong potential, meaning it will likely gain a price increase. The CHZ token sells at $0.07591, but 2024 predictions show it could reach $0.15.

The recent bullish sentiments Chiliz (CHZ) has witnessed show the token might not be entirely market dependent but is affected by the value it provides and the moves it makes.

Chiliz (CHZ) Launches The Sports Blockchain, Gets Listed In The Asian Markets

Chiliz (CHZ) is a Layer-1 protocol revolutionizing the entertainment and sports industry and bringing them to Web3. Chiliz’s (CHZ) recent launch of the Sports Blockchain is a testament to this vision and its continued efforts to actively connect fans with their favorite teams and players.

This separates it from the tons of cryptos in the market, putting it in the spotlight since its 2016 launch. The Sports blockchain provides the infrastructure and facilities needed for sports. Chiliz(CHZ) has begun migrating Fan Tokens to the blockchain, and so far, it has moved that of PRSJ, RIVER, TIGERS, SHARKS, HASHTAG, and BENFICA.

Chiliz (CHZ), which faces delisting in the US, has been listed among the over 400 tradeable assets in the Indonesian market. This announcement has further boosted the CHZ token, signifying a future surge in trading activities.


Uwerx’s (WERX) Presale Exceeds Initial Forecasts

The speed at which Uwerx’s presale progressed is still shocking, as it started just a few months back and is now in its final round, stage 5. The increased demand for WERX has led to increasing the presale WERX quantity to 427.5 million. 72.5 million WERX is available in stage 5, and WERX total supply is 750 million.

The WERX price has tremendously increased, as it is now at $0.047725, a huge surge from the starting price of $0.005. The same goes for its launch price, as WERX is set to launch at $0.095 - $0.115. There is an ongoing 15% purchase bonus to further benefit users at the current presale stage.

Uwerx (WERX) Has Competitive Advantage Over Centralized Freelancing Platforms

A recent report shows that 71% of companies hire freelancers to increase business agility, especially during economic uncertainty. These companies will usually go to freelancing platforms that provide better working conditions and services at a subsidized rate, which is why Uwerx will gain massive adoption.

Uwerx will be the first decentralized freelancing platform as it integrates blockchain technology. It will charge only a 1% service fee against the 10 or 20% charged by centralized platforms. Another innovative feature of this project is the Uwerx Vault, which is similar to the concept of staking. The Vault acts as a storage for users to store their tokens while simultaneously providing rewards.

Uwerx’s Alpha version has been launched and now has features such as Freelancer Profile Creation, Hiring Dashboard Page, Forgot Password, Sign-Up and Logging Pages, Initial Step of Job Creation, Freelancer or Client Initiation, Job Creation Process Page, My Activity Page, Settings, Initial Step of Finding Talent, Milestone, and Application Boosting using the WERX token.

The Job Creation Page was revamped to the Post Job and Apply Page to make it easier for freelancers to apply for jobs. Features like Freelancer and Client Dashboards and Tools will soon be released.

The platform has gained over 1,825 Telegram members, 1,652 Twitter followers, and 6,953 sign-ups. SolidProof and InterFi Network have conducted audits on Uwerx and approved its security.

Uwerx will soon be transitioning to its Beta version, which is now in the works. This will allow users to test the platform. Many developments have been made, and users will be updated soon.

The project’s success also follows the agile methodology the developers use to release the project in bits while making improvements following users’ feedback. The team is user-based, welcoming users’ feedback and putting them into action. This feedback can be sent to their email, [email protected].

Following a modification of the WERX allocations, the team re-assigned only 7% of the total WERX allocation to themselves (previously 8%) and locked their token share, which will last for nine months. This action was hastened by the 82.8% of the community who voted for them to start before the presale ended, and it began on June 7. The presale ends on July 31.

The team will give up the ownership of the smart contract immediately after Uwerx launches on centralized exchanges. Also, a Test Airdrop will be conducted to validate receiving wallet addresses for users after 98.2% of the token holders voted for this.

Uwerx has all it takes to become a dominating force in the freelancing industry with its fundamental advantages over traditional freelancing platforms. Indeed, it is poised for massive adoption.

Its presale is the best opportunity to enter this blue-chip future at an extremely good price. Solook no further! Purchase the WERX token now for a 15% purchase bonus.

To join the presale, follow the links below:





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