Bitcoin (BTC) Prepares For Next Rally, Tradecurve Leads the Altcoin Pump with 80%

Bitcoin (BTC) Prepares For Next Rally, Tradecurve Leads the Altcoin Pump with 80%

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It has been a bullish month for Bitcoin (BTC) so far, with the cryptocurrency peaking at $31,486 before settling in the $30k range. But while Bitcoin (BTC) prepares for the next rally, it appears that Tradecurve — a new cryptocurrency trading platform — is leading the altcoin pump with 80% gains during the ongoing presale. Let's look at why these two assets are so bullish.


Tradecurve: More Gains Ahead?

Tradecurve is shaping up to be a comprehensive trading platform that offers a wide array of investment options — think stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices — all under one roof. The aim is to offer a one-stop-shop for users to manage their diverse investment portfolios, irrespective of where they are in the world.

The beauty of Tradecurve lies in its simplicity. Joining the platform is as easy as providing an email and linking your DeFi wallet. There's no need to go through the usual hoops of identity verification or other cumbersome onboarding procedures, making it a breath of fresh air in the otherwise intrusive investment landscape.

Beyond just trading, Tradecurve also offers an arsenal of advanced tools designed to amplify your trading experience and potential returns. They offer a subscription to an AI-powered trading tool, for instance, that automates trading strategies and offers in-depth analytics on all markets.

The TCRV token, the lifeblood of the Tradecurve platform, also unlocks a host of benefits. Holders can stake tokens to earn passive income, avail of VIP account benefits, get discounts on subscription fees, and more as Tradecurve continues to establish itself in the DeFi world.

At present, the TCRV token is available at a bargain price of $0.018 during the presale. Considering that experts predict the value of the token could skyrocket to $1.00 after its listing on leading exchanges later this year, this presale might just be a golden opportunity to jump on board the Tradecurve bandwagon.


Bitcoin (BTC) To $40K?

Tradecurve isn't the only digital asset in the spotlight — Bitcoin (BTC) is preparing for its next rally and could hit $40,000 in July. This prediction comes from noted crypto analysts who suggest that an influx of institutional investors could push Bitcoin (BTC) prices to fresh all-time highs.

This news was triggered by the news that Blackrock, the largest global asset manager in the world, recently filed an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for Bitcoin (BTC). This significant move signals Wall Streets' increasing confidence in Bitcoin (BTC), marking a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency sphere.

While this news should have long-term impacts, Bitcoin (BTC)'s price has already pushed from $28.4k to a peak of just above $31k within a week. Analysts are watching closely, speculating this news could herald the onset of a new bull market for Bitcoin (BTC).

You see, approval of the Bitcoin ETF could trigger a substantial flow of capital into the crypto market. ETFs present an opportunity for traditional and institutional investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without the need to personally buy, store, and manage the cryptocurrency.

However, they caution that for this upward trajectory to continue, Bitcoin (BTC) will first need to break through the $31-32k resistance level. The current price of $30,600 has the market bullish, with many anticipating a breakout and pump to the $36,000 - $40,000 range within days.

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