Bet To The Future, How Scorpion is Joining Fun Token and in Conquering The 21st Century!

Bet To The Future, How Scorpion is Joining Fun Token and in Conquering The 21st Century!

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Great Scott! Just as crypto itself is constantly evolving, so is its close relative, the world of online crypto gambling! Despite the huge success that many platforms within the market have already experienced, this hybrid industry is still young and growing in prominence, meaning right now is an important time to pay attention to all the progress it's making. 

A good way to track this is by taking a look at the future long-term plans of some of the best platforms around, such as Scorpion Casino (SCORP), Fun Token (FUN) and Scorpion is especially worth paying attention to at the moment - read more to find out why.

Scorpion Aims To Change The Game!

Scorpion Casino is currently in the midst of a widely successful presale, which will end with the launch of its native Scorpion Token (SCORP). SCORP will be a deflationary token that improves alongside the platform through automatic burns every single time a user makes a transaction and every single time the casino generates profit. 

The success of the upcoming token is important due to the position it holds as the asset that empowers the platform’s ecosystem and its total 370 licensed games (210 casino games and 160 live games) as well as all the sports betting opportunities for popular sports such as American Basketball and International Football. The token will join a short but solid list of top cryptos users can bet with, including the biggest crypto of all time, Bitcoin (BTC).

Have All The FUN You Want With The Token

As suggested by its name, Fun Token is a platform focused on becoming the home of all the fun users can have online when it comes to crypto gaming. The platform prides itself on being a diverse place that offers fairness and transparency to all of its player base, meaning that everyone can bet and play amongst each other using the assets in their wallets without any worries of being taken advantage of or worse. 

Some of the latest developments being made in the world of Fun token are about accessibility. The project has partnered with Now Payments that has made for users to pay with FUN easier than before and the integration with ChangeNOW DEX, ensures faster and more secure FUN token swaps. 

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