3 Promising Crypto Projects To Watch For The Next Bull Run

3 Promising Crypto Projects To Watch For The Next Bull Run

In this article, we’ll be highlighting three remarkable crypto projects that are expected to make waves in the upcoming bull run - according to crypto analysts. Delve into the world of futuristic investments with InQubeta, the crypto crowdfunding platform transforming AI startup investments.

Additionally, explore the dynamic potential of Ethereum, the pioneering smart contract platform, and Polkadot, the creative multi-chain ecosystem, as they emerge as the top contenders in the competitive realm of blockchain technology.

InQubeta: Taking AI Startup Investment To The Next Level

A lot of investors are tired of the same opportunities and want to add some excitement to their portfolio, now, they need to look no further than InQubeta. InQubeta is not an average crypto crowdfunding platform - it’s here to shake the space up. This project proves that traditional investment methods can be a thing of the past, as the world's first crypto crowdfunding platform that enables fractional investment in AI startups using $QUBE tokens is introduced.

With InQubeta, individuals can dive into the world of AI startups and invest in a manner that suits their budget. The NFT marketplace of InQubeta is buzzing with opportunities where AI startups raise funds and offer reward and equity-based NFTs. The intriguing aspect is that each investment opportunity is minted into an NFT and fractionalized, allowing individuals to participate without incurring significant costs.

InQubeta has even taken things a step further with their deflationary ERC20 token, $QUBE. This is not just an ordinary token; it is a deflationary currency that becomes even more valuable over time. A 2% tax on all buy and sell transactions is directed to a burn wallet, resulting in the token becoming scarcer. Additionally, a 5% sell tax is allocated to a dedicated reward pool, providing an opportunity for individuals to earn rewards by staking their tokens. InQubeta offers a project that holds great potential, and AI fans should definitely take note.

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