Top Trader Says Ethereum on the Cusp of Breakout Against Bitcoin, Tradecurve Presale Stage 3 Explodes

Top Trader Says Ethereum on the Cusp of Breakout Against Bitcoin, Tradecurve Presale Stage 3 Explodes

Ethereum and Bitcoin have long been regarded as two top giants battling for supremacy in the crypto ecosystem. However, according to a top trader, Ethereum might be having the upper hand soon. In other news, Tradecurve's presale stage 3 has recorded immense growth in the past few days. 


Ethereum (ETH) Set for a Breakout Against Bitcoin (BTC) - Top trader

An influential trader within the crypto community known as Bluntz has recently shared his optimistic outlook on Ethereum in relation to Bitcoin. With over 223,100 on Twitter, Bluntz suggests that the Ethereum/Bitcoin pair is on the brink of a potential breakout. 

Year-to-date, Bitcoin has performed Ethereum, gaining 63% compared to the latter’s 56%. However, Bluntz believes the trend could change in the coming weeks, with Ethereum performing better than Bitcoin in the bull market. According to his analysis, if this breakout occurs, Ethereum's value would increase against Bitcoin. 

Displaying a chart on his tweet, Bluntz pointed out a falling wedge pattern on the ETH/BTC pair, which typically indicates a bullish trend. On the other hand, he expresses concerns about Bitcoin's performance against the USD, emphasizing the breach of a crucial support level. As a result, the trader advised investors to limit their exposure to Bitcoin. 


Tradecurve (TCRV) Presale Gains Massive Traction In Stage 3

While a top trader is bullish on the prospects of Ethereum, Tradecurve, a new trading platform that could send the likes of Binance and Huobi packing, has gained increased attention in its Stage 3 presale. The sale of millions of Tradecurve utility tokens has captivated the attention of experts in the crypto community. 

Tradecurve, a hybrid, decentralized trading platform has caught the attention of many investors as it aims to address several challenges faced by traders when using traditional trading platforms, including security, limited trading options, high trading fees, transparency, and privacy. Tradecure will be the first platform where users can utilize digital assets as collateral, users can trade forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities on Tradecurve through a single account.


One of the platform's notable advantages is its user-friendly accessibility, eliminating the need for the KYC process. Traders can create an account with just an email and a crypto wallet. This anonymous trading sets Tradecurve apart from established platforms like Binance and Kraken. Moreover, Tradecurve offers an array of features, including algorithmic trading that allows users to subscribe to automated AI bots, high leverage starting at 500:1, and copy trading where newbies can replicate the trades of experienced traders for a given fee.

Currently, Tradecurve's utility token, TCRV, is up for presale available at just $0.015 per token. There is also a 25% deposit bonus for every purchase. Smart investors are already stashing up TCRV tokens before the price skyrockets. Besides, market experts anticipate a 50x surge during the presale stage and a staggering 100x increase upon the launch of TCRV, followed by its listing on a prominent Tier-1 CEX (Centralized Exchange). 

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