Oracle Daemon Develops New Tools for Flare Network Data Providers

Oracle Daemon Develops New Tools for Flare Network Data Providers


  • Flare Network announces strategic partnership with Oracle Daemon. 
  • Oracle Daemon developers will build and develop several user tools. 
  • The collaboration aims to enhance the user experience and data quality on the network.

Flare Network, a highly scalable Layer 1 blockchain providing high-integrity data to developers, has announced a strategic collaboration with Oracle Daemon, a group of talented developers working on blockchain and Web 3 solutions. The Oracle Daemon developers have previously been original data providers for the Flare Time Series Oracle on both the Flare and Songbird networks.

Announced Monday, the collaboration aims at developing a new suite of user tools that enhance the user experience, provide better quality data, and introduce new features on Flare’s network. Speaking on the latest collaboration with Oracle Daemon, David Pangerl, CEO & Founder of Oracle Daemon, said:

“We have been building on Flare from the start, and with this collaboration, we will develop a number of important new tools to benefit the growing network.”

The developer group will build out three main user tools, namely the multi-wallet management tool, advanced data provider analytics tools and the auto-claiming executors. The multi-wallet management tool aims to streamline users' accounts and provide a detailed overview of all their balances in multiple wallets. The tool will allow users to manage funds in multiple wallets and accounts, offering simplified access to monitor and control their wallets. 

The advanced data provider analytics tool is the crop of the three features set to be added to the Flare network. Oracle Daemon will develop a detailed analytics tool specifically tailored to data providers. By leveraging the tool, data providers can gain valuable insights into their performance metrics, including data quality, reliability, and usage. As a data oracle, Flare aims to provide the highest quality of trustless data, and this tool will help data providers achieve this. 

“I’m most excited about the advanced data provider analytics,” Pangerl said on developing the advanced data providers analytics tool. “Flare is the only blockchain focused on giving developers access to quality data at scale. So, whatever we can do to support and optimise the data provision process will benefit the whole network.”

Finally, the collaboration will see the addition of auto-claiming executors, which will automate all existing token-claiming processes. These executors help users collect rewards and later on disburse the rewards to the user. With multiple rewards up for grabs, manual token claiming can be some work for the user. The auto-claiming executor will encompass several rewards, including data provider rewards, validator rewards, FlareDrops, FTSO delegation rewards, and escrowed fund unlocks. 

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