Nike Teases Airphoria Collab With Fortnite and Unreal Engine

Nike Teases Airphoria Collab With Fortnite and Unreal Engine

Nike, a titan in the world of footwear and apparel, has started dropping hints about a potentially massive move: introducing a collection digital sneakers through special a sneaker hunt game inside Fortnite, the massively popular online game developed by Epic Games.

Rumors of Airphoria: A Possible Revolution in the Gaming Industry

In a series of June 16 social media posts, Nike teased an event set for June 20, which they termed the "ultimate Sneakerhunt". A promotional video showcased the logos of both Fortnite and Nike's Air Max amidst floating clouds. As the video transitions, it unveils the name of this intriguing venture, 'Airphoria', ending with a display of Nike's Web3 platform .SWOOSH logo alongside that of Epic Games' Unreal Engine.

However, specific details remain elusive. Members of the crypto community have begun to speculate that Nike might have employed Fortnite Creative 2.0, a tool that allows users to craft their own virtual island game maps utilizing Fortnite assets, to devise a blockchain-based game.

A Leap Into Web3 for Nike with .SWOOSH

This wouldn't be Nike's first foray into gaming. The company has been stepping up its efforts to merge its Web3 unit, .SWOOSH, into traditional gaming. Just recently, on June 1, .SWOOSH announced its intention to incorporate its digital assets into games developed by EA Sports, a household name responsible for the incredibly successful FIFA soccer game franchise, among others. Although it's still not confirmed which EA Sports games will incorporate Nike digital assets, this latest hint seems to suggest that Nike's integration into the gaming world might be deeper than previously anticipated.

Given .SWOOSH's involvement and Epic Games' known affinity for blockchain gaming, the speculations might come to fruition, and the move could provide a considerable opportunity for Web3 adoption amongst traditional gamers. Considering Fortnite's impressive player base of over 242.9 million active players in the past 30 days, as reported by Active Player, the potential impact could be monumental.

Nike has previously launched NFT sneakers on Polygon, as well as an earlier collaboration with RTFKT.


A previous version of this article stated the possibility of NFTs on Fortnite. This was not case, however, as the project launched without them.

This article has been updated based the information provided from the official press release, while representative from Epic Games has reached out to CryptoDaily with the following statement:

“Epic's partnership with Nike and the launch of 'Airphoria' is one of many future collaborations enabling players to opt in to connecting their online presence across ecosystems. This is all part of a larger effort to bring Nike's Air Max brand into the world of Fortnite with cosmetics, Fortnite islands, and account linking between Nike and Epic, introducing Nike .SWOOSH achievement badges for players who link accounts.

The connection between Fortnite and Nike doesn't integrate any NFTs or digital item trading marketplaces into the Fortnite world or its economy. Items recognized across these two ecosystems are purely for the enjoyment of the purchaser, and aren't tradeable, transferrable, or sellable, as has always been the case in the Fortnite economy.”

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