Yachtify (YCHT) Gains Attention of Chiliz (CHZ) and KuCoin (KCS) Investors

Yachtify (YCHT) Gains Attention of Chiliz (CHZ) and KuCoin (KCS) Investors

With the current market sentiment around tokens like KuCoin and Chiliz, a new coin on the market, Yachtify, is enjoying a boom in investors. With its foundation on the Ethereum blockchain and unique trading model, Yachtify promises investors the first ever crypto-maritime investment project.

Yachtify (YCHT) Opening New Frontiers In The Crypto Market

Yachtify is an ongoing crypto project that promises to revolutionize the crypto market as we know it.

It is a first-of-its-kind crypto trading platform that utilizes the multi-billion dollar luxury boat industry. Investors can earn revenue on luxury vessels when they buy, sell, or rent vessels on the marketplace. This way, crypto enthusiasts can venture into the exclusive yacht market for as low as $100.

Yachtify employs a fractional ownership model where investors buy NFTs that represent a real-life, high-value yacht and earn income on the lease or sale of the yacht. The revenue reached is then distributed among stakeholders according to the value of their holdings. Current  yachtowners can also earn revenue by listing at least 25% of the total worth of their vessel on the marketplace.

All investor assets are insured and safeguarded in maximum security ports across the world. The Yachtify marketplace also makes it easy for stakeholders to manage and grow their portfolios. Furthermore, the growth of the maritime industry following the COVID-19 pandemic further secures Yachtify’s strategy.

The Yachtify token, $YCHT, is at the presale stage, so now is a great time to stockpile tokens. With just $0.10, investors can venture into a highly profitable industry and earn stable income.

Yachtify's high growth potential and scalability equip the project to compare to crypto warlords like Bitcoin (BTC)


Chiliz (CHZ): Experts Predict Major Downfall for Chiliz (CHZ)

It is not the best of times for Chiliz (CHZ) as it experiences continued dips. Trading at $0.1257, below its $0.130 resistance level, experts are not optimistic about a rise in the Chiliz (CHZ) price. Its Relative Strength Index of 14 indicates that further losses may be on the horizon for investors.

Daily charts show that further dips forced the support level to fall below $0.120 to $0.100 in April. As the RSI plummets, bearish influence may push Chiliz (CHZ) to the lower market boundary. When pitted against Bitcoin, one can notice a bullish trend; however, it is barely enough to save Chiliz (CHZ) from its current trajectory.

While investors hope for a dramatic upturn for Chiliz (CHZ), they have turned their sights to more promising new tokens such as Yachtify.

KuCoin (KCS): Security Breach Pulls Rug From Underneath KuCoin (KCS)

Things are not looking promising for KuCoin (KCS) as a 45-minute security breach on April 23rd, 2023, led to significant investor losses. The so-far unidentified hackers gained access to the KuCoin (KCS) platform and posted a fake event, leading to losses of 22,628 USD worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a result, the price of KCS has dropped from $9.05 to $7.61 as traders worry about their portfolios' safety.

KuCoin (KCS) is currently ranked 62nd on the Coinmarketcap and is trading at a loss of 0.60%, and experts believe this value will continue to drop. With KuCoin’s (KCS) increasing safety concerns, more secure tokens like Yachtify are quickly gaining headway in the market.

We believe this is a unique opportunity for everyday crypto investors to tap into the recession-proof industry. Check Yachtify out below:

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